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Equinox Crankshaft/sensor error or possessed

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    Cynesra James
    Cynesra James

    2013 Equinox LT AWD

    Vehicle starts just fine then after it warms up the tac will drop we’ll drop due to crank center error. Seems to be related to heat though sometimes right turn can also cause this period after this happens the car if idling sometimes will die and if you go to stop it it has trouble restarting until the vehicle cools down. It is giving the crank censor error..

    The vehicle has a new reman engine
    The crank sensor has been replaced multiple times t2 after market and 1 0EM

    Vehicle has a new (reman) ECU programed Via the dealer however my mechanic said that they had to let the vehicle cool down because it was giving the was giving the program error for the crank center at the time and they’re at the time and they replaced the cring sincer again after this.

    They have checked all wires and cables.. Prior to the vehicle dying thanks to Bad mechanic work by another shop a year ago it didn’t have any crank sincer issues whatsoever.

    The mechanic has put like 40 hours of diagnostics into this vehicle and still cannot figure out what’s going on so going to the forum is to see if anybody has had similar issues.

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    Rahul Jones
    Rahul Jones

    I would suggest to check when cold, test the starting then if it starts shut off the engine and manually warm up the ECU while monitoring the temperature then try starting to see if warmed up ECU is causing this fault or not.

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