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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      I’m still getting used to this new system. Anyway, if you have a question for the show please post it here. I’ll be doing this one AMA style, so you can ask automotive as well as other questions and I’ll do my best to answer them on the show. This show will air 7pm EST 9/28/2016. Hope to see you there.

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      Hi Eric

      Early this summer I asked you a few questions about rebuilding my braking system and how the ABS works.
      In the end I decided to do the caliper overhaul as well.
      It all went well, no leaks and brakes feel great.

      Here are some pictures of the results:

      Mark HudsonMark Hudson

        Hello Eric

        2004 Toyota Corolla. There’s a scraping noise coming from the front right wheel only when brakes are applied. I assumed the pads were worn, but upon inspection still have plenty of material left and indicator is no where close to rubbing the rotor. Any ideas of what could be causing this?

        Love your channel, have watched for almost 3 years now. Still haven’t made it to a meetup, hoping 2017 will be the year.

        Thank you for everything you do,

        Mark H.

        Ryan SRyan S

          Hi Eric! Got a ’90 Honda Prelude with an intermittent chirping sound. Like a metallic chirp just like birds under the hood. Seems to happen only when its cooler outside.

          I noticed at night with the lights on, it chirps for a few seconds, the lights dim a bit, then when the sound stops, lights get bright again. I suspect alternator. Can alternator bearings make this intermittent chirping noise? Tried squirting penetration oil on the shaft hoping it would soak in but no luck. What say you, oh great one? Thanks!


            Eric, what are your thoughts on using “starter fluid” when troubleshooting?

            I ask because the use of starter fluid is often recommended on the forum. I was taught that starter fluid is an aggressive solvent, and will wash the oil film off the cylinder walls, resulting in dry cranking and accelerated engine wear when an engine won’t start. I’ve heard that it can cause several thousand miles’ worth of engine wear in a few seconds. It’s also highly flammable and expands enormously, which can have disastrous results if the engine backfires through the intake.

            As far as I know, starter fluid was originally meant as an emergency starting aid for big rig diesels, so the poor trucker delivering your beans and toilet paper wouldn’t freeze to death on a lonely winter road when his truck was being cranky.

            Personally, I don’t use it. There are better and safer ways to see if an engine has fuel and spark. Your thoughts?

            Olan HodgesOlan Hodges

              Hey Eric!
              I have a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado that I recently flushed the brake fluid on. Sadly I didn’t heed your constant warnings and advice to not let the master cylinder run dry. Long story short, and four quarts of brake fluid later, the system doesn’t have air bubbles at the bleeder valves, but the pedal is still spongy. Some people have mentioned that I have to get a dealer scanner to cycle the ABS system, which I have almost succumbed to that idea. What ideas do you have?

              Dave BeukersDave Beukers

                Hi Eric, love the show as always, and the new streams from the shop. I also love watching oliver being rebuilt. I have a 2005 WL Holden Statesman yes I’m an australian. I love my land yacht. It has a LS1 5.7l in it and i love it. It uses 5w40 full synthetic oil it and runs like a dream but it has started to develop some lifter noise. and suggestions on how to quieten them. As always thanks



                  Hey Eric,
                  I have a 2000 Honda Civic. The tcc is going in and out of lock-up. When this happens the D4 light flashes randomly and the rpm gauge fluctuates by about 400 rpm. I tried a different solenoid and it didn’t change anything. Also I did test both the original and the new used solenold. I tried a used ecu and it didn’t help. I cleaned the throttle body and it seemed to help. After that it would go away for three or four days and than come back for a couple days. I recently got some fuel lines replaced and after that it went away for about a week. Now its back doing it every day. Also when you shut the car of for just a second it will go away for a while. I have cleaned every electrical connection I can see on the car. Thanks!

                  Ryan SchweterRyan Schweter

                    Hey Eric, I’m back with the 61 Land Rover.
                    Since last time I asked too many questions, Ill try to keep it short this time. My tire problem ended up being solved, I took the tire to 3 different shops, and it wasn’t until the 3rd that someone actually told me that they could fit a different sized tire to that rim and It would be fine (the other shops just looked at my tire and said “nope, we don’t have any that size”). I’m going to be getting LT235/85r16 s, and will probably be Yokohama Geolander A/T, though I would love to have Maxxis Buckshot.
                    I have also been told that the noise in my transmission may be the phosphor bronze spigot bushing centering the driven plate in the flywheel.

                    My main question is about a Ford alternator, it’s from a 2003 Ford Taurus my friend was scrapping. I want to install it in my Land Rover as part of an auxiliary power circuit to power stuff like a radio, phone chargers etc. However, The unit is PCM controlled, with I believe 3 wires plugged into the voltage regulator. Is the control signal from the PCM to the alternator PWM, analog, digital, or what?
                    Also, the horn button on the steering wheel, as far as I can tell is supposed to ground the wire from the horn to the steering coulomb, but as far as I can tell, the Wheel (where the button grounds too) and the steering shaft to which it is splined are electrically isolated from the column, which is well grounded. the steering box is also grounded well. Neither the service nor the Haynes manuals are of any help.

                    AMA: I want to get into making YouTube videos, and I’ve already filmed several things while making repairs on the LR, Do you have any tips or philosophies when editing, or making videos in general?

                    I appreciate all the work and videos you have put out, They definitely help me understand the different systems of a car, and has helped me bunches with both the Landy and my parent’s cars.

                    Thanks as always

                    -Ryan Schweter

                    P.S. you have some of the most creative attempts at pronouncing my last name, most people just end up saying something like sweater. I’ll spell it phonetically for you one of these days, but for now I’ll just enjoy the comedy. 😛

                    How many raging stallions does Oliver have again? I was telling someone about him and couldn’t find it.


                      Hey Eric love what u do i need your help asap!! I have a 2006 honda civic si k20z3 with 80k miles. Only On cold startups below 50 degrees F after the car sits for more than 5ish hours only, i get a chain slap/ rattleing noise from engine bayfor 1-2 seconds then perfect after even if i turn my car off and on right away it wont make the noise again only on first cold start up. My car skipped timing last week when i jacked it up and put it back down for simple tire change and it wouldnt start after. now the timing has been corrected but i dont know what to replace. 8th gen civic forms are arguing between Vtc , vtc actuator, or tensioner. Which one is it or nun of the above? Oil is at level. Thanks for ur help.

                      Nick OuimetNick Ouimet

                        Hi Eric, thanks for the great videos. My 2002 Saab 9-3 vert has been giving me issues when starting cold. Once it starts, it sometimes will idle poorly and even stall for the first 10 seconds or so. Once the car is moving, it’s fine. Doesn’t happen on a warm start, only when cold, and not overtime either. It’s been fine the past 2 days, but before that it’s every so often. If it’s a vacuum leak, shouldn’t it be more consistent? Keep up the progress on the Fairmont. I’m looking forward to seeing videos of it on the road. 🙂


                          Hey ETCG i have a 2006 Chevy Impala police package. The problem I am having is with the heater controls. They work fine it gets hot and it will get cold like it should, but if I put the temp nob all the way down it will click really loud from under the dash. still clicks with the car off, and will keep going for a couple min. I cant seam to find the source anywhere, and it sounds like it is behind the radio but there is nothing there. If i leave the temp nob just barley off fully cold it works fine. so i am kind of puzzled on what it could be. Do you have any ideas on what i should check out. Thank you for any advice.

                          Nick OuimetNick Ouimet

                            Eric, the audio feed is static(y) not sure why. There is a live chat on the YouTube video page. Everyone is experiencing the audio glitch. Just a heads up.

                            John McLaughlinJohn McLaughlin

                              Hi Eric, Love the show, i was involved in a car crash about 6 weeks ago, damaged my bumper, driverside wing and headlight. i have a replacement wing and bumper, i am thinking about upgrading my headlights to the facelift ones (its a 2001 vauxhall corsa by the way) which allows me to put in HID low beams, would you reccoment this?

                              thanks, John McLaughlin

                              Austin BraggAustin Bragg

                                Hi Eric I have an 88 Chevy c1500 every now and then I have to unplug the injectors to get it to start when it’s hot what would that be it’s got the 5.7 350 small block Chevy PS your my role model only 20 years old been turning wrenches since I was 12


                                  Hey Eric

                                  So bascily i bought myself a new car a 09 bmw x5, so my issue was that the car had a lot of dog odor and hair, i watched your video and did everything you did there, but i cant get rid of the smell, would you recommend something else? i have 3 bowls of vinegar in the car now

                                  from a big fan from norway long time viewer <3 B) B) B) B)

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