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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This is another AMA show, so feel free to fire away with automotive or other questions you might have. The Q&A will begin at 7pm EST Wednesday October 26. Once the show concludes, I will post the completed video to this thread and close it to further comments.

      The next show will be in 2 weeks, Nov 9.

      I look forward to answering your questions.

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      George SamuelGeorge Samuel

        Eric, love your videos, I’ve done a bit of work on my 1989 Accord Lx with their help, general maintenance mostly, but helpful indeed.

        There’s just one thing regarding my car that I try to avoid tackling (as well as several mechanics I know), The Carburetor. It’s one of those fancy ones with the jungle of hoses (being the last of the carb’d Honda model cars).

        My question is, have you worked on these carburetors? If so, your experience with them, and would you recommend me to Rebuild, Replace, or Convert with a Weber conversion kit? Or just leave it alone and deal with the syndromes such as occasional stalling on cold starts, fluctuating idle, rough idle until warmed, and too high of an idle once fully warmed, etc. Btw, I have checked vacuum lines.

        Other than that its running okay, just leaks oil and skips a little, (which I also suspect is carb related). Been running a lil rough for years and won’t die, great car imo. Still 28-30 mpg. Has 155k miles on her too.



          Hey Eric, been trying for a while but hope this time you can read it! You have been a huge inspiration to me when I was in high school. Messed around in my garage with basic repairs and After I graduated high school i went to Universal technical institute to further my interest and I just graduated 10/14/16. Moved back home and now I have the opportunity to immediately start as a entry level tech under a Audi/Volvo dealership being trained by a master tech. Thank you so much for just everything and hope one year I can make it out to the meet to finally meet you. Thanks!

          christy longchristy long

            hello my name is Christy, I have a shop in West Chester/ Mason area that we work on semi trailers and trucks. My question I have been working on my personal van been broke down over a year, started on it a few weeks ago. Before I replaced the computer and it ran for 6 months and stopped, this time I bought a new computer and nothing. I checked all the grounds, wires, fuses, ignition actuator stuff like that. When I put the key in it don’t ding until I put pressure on it. turns but nothing no crank have all lights and electrical on. this van is driving me nuts. I put my snap on machine on it and couldn’t get any codes. I found out today how to hold down miles button and try to start to get a code and it is coming up 940 no communication to computer. I have been watching your pay it forward videos on brendas van and not I am down to 2 things ignition switch or the green board having a bad spot. Any suggestions on this. Did you have to do any more work to her van with the no starting problem after the last video. Thanks for the help and love watching your videos whten the guys her cant figure things out lol.
            oh yea it a 1996 town and country 3.8


              The machine shop vids are really interesting, thanks for sharing that info.
              Question, if the block is not being machined, what is correct procedure for cleaning and preparing the head gasket surface of the block? Particularly if it is aluminum as those are delicate.

              Connor KempConnor Kemp

                Howdy Eric,
                Huge fan of your videos, i was introduced to them sophomore year by our auto tech teacher and have been a hardcore fan ever since. Lots of things Ive learned from you!

                Anyways lets get right down to it. So I have an 03′ Honda civic LX, all around wonderful car. It was originally my dads car who has done an excellent job with keeping up the required maintenance on it. Ever since Ive gotten it it has this super weird quirk that it likes to do. Let me elaborate. Occasionally when I fill up at the gas station it will idle really low when I come to a stoplight or a stop sign (300-500 RPM range) and will only start doing this either a couple of miles right after I fill up or the following day. Its an occasional thing so I can fill up at times and it will drive perfectly fine or when its idling rough I can give it gas and it will run fine. Which is what boggles my mind. Sometimes it will happen once and sometimes it will happen multiple times until it eventually goes away. Ive never had it stall on me, and when I push the accelerator its pretty quick at picking back up and going. Ive used all different brands of gas and they all yield the same issue. Ive filled it up from different levels, empty, 1/4, half ,3/4, you name it, its seems to be just completely random. Fuel pump hasn’t been showing any signs of going out because I would assume it would affect acceleration and driving normally and not just idling. I recently had a fuel system cleaning done at a local car shop so I don’t think its a dirty intake or anything. It was also doing this before the tranny was rebuilt. Battery has been completely replaced and connections are solid. Any ideas would be appreciated!


                  Hey Eric, I had my mechanic install an Aisin timing belt kit on my 2000 Accord 4-cyl with 200K miles. Since then, I hear a noise, almost like a swarm of bees buzzing in a can when the car’s idling. It’s coming from behind the timing cover. Mechanic said new belts do that, just give them time to break in. I read about the balancer belt making a similar noise when overtightened. What do you think is going on? I don’t want to damage my engine.

                  Thanks a lot. You da man!

                  Jeff hutchinsJeff hutchins

                    Hey eric long time viewer from dayton oh thanks for the awesome videos I have a 2002 f150 5.4 auto 4×4 with the lever on the floor but can’t seem to get it to move the truck sat for 3 years thanks jeff Hutchins from dayton oh

                    Douglas LeClairDouglas LeClair

                      Long time lurker, first time asker


                      What is your opinion of the blurring of quality of advice with the proliferation of (sometimes stealthily) sponsored videos?

                      And how as a Youtube do you balance between taking on advertiser revenue and providing impartial advice?

                      Josh OstrowerchaJosh Ostrowercha

                        I Love your show, found it three months ago and have learned a lot.

                        I’m looking into picking up my first vehicle and I’m stuck. I enjoy working on cars but do enjoy simplicity.
                        Having said that would you recommend an older car (>80’s) that has fewer electronics for a car that can be worked on easily or a newer car (<80's) that may not need as much work.


                        Casey BrownCasey Brown

                          Hey Eric, I have a 1990 Ford ranger with a 2.9L v6. I am pulling an “erratic PIP” code on the ECM, I have replaced the PIP and the ICM among other parts. the engine stalls at highway speeds and idles rough when warm. I can’t seem to find the problem. any suggestions?

                          Also, I have a 1997 ranger with a 2.3L 4 cylinder. It has a miss and everything has been replaced except the ICM, which I can’t find. I’m assuming it’s a part of the ECM, if so then I need to replace it. done all the tests on everything, all working but misses.

                          Thanks and stay dirty


                            Hi Eric, love your show, keep up the good work!

                            99 Acura TL here (I know, I know, didn’t do my homework before getting the car). Been getting the dreaded P0401 code and have been trying to clean it three times. Recently was talking to a mechanic and he mentioned there was a fix where the EGR port is widen so a sleeve can be inserted. Do you know how what size drill bit and how far to drill?


                            Leo limonLeo limon

                              Hey Eric big fan of your channel,

                              I had a question what do you believe would be a better choice to go to school for being a mechanic . Do the traditional college route or to a charter school like uti.
                              Thank you I appreciate it

                              Adam DeWittAdam DeWitt

                                Hey Eric first timer here . I have a 2003 Civic with roughly 300,000 km ( 186411 miles ) that I had the head gasket changed and ever since it has started burning oil to the tune of 1.5 to 2 liters per 1500 kmh ( 932 miles). What might be causing this? Thanks and I love your vids .

                                Matt JonesMatt Jones

                                  Hey, Eric. Quick question about Honda S2000s. How hard is it for a couple of dudes, with a decent set of tools, to replace the starter in a Honda S2000? We’ve tried a couple times and just can’t get the inner bolt off to even remove the starter, much less anything else. Some say you have to remove the alternator completely, some say just move it to the side. Any other advice you can give us?

                                  Thanks as always!


                                  Nathan MunozNathan Munoz

                                    would you prefer twin turbo or a supercharger setup and why?

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