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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This is another AMA show, so feel free to fire away with automotive or other questions you might have. The Q&A will begin at 7pm EST Wednesday October 26. Once the show concludes, I will post the completed video to this thread and close it to further comments.

      The next show will be in 2 weeks, Nov 9.

      I look forward to answering your questions.

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      Mohamed AckbarMohamed Ackbar

        Hey Eric how’s your day? I have a 2004 srt4 dodge neon now I did the clutch couple months back a buddy of mine did, now I have transmission fluid leaking down by the intermediate shaft, coming from the passenger axle seal, now I replaced the axle seal and even the intermediate shaft still leaking, it’s not that bad just looks like a drip of a leak when I drive, I’m thinking it is the diff bearings going bad, I will be getting a new trans soon, Wat I wanted to ask is will I be okay driving in the meantime to work and back home with it leaking so little like that? It’s 26 mins drive everyday but I am scared the transmission will burn I do check it and add but until I have enough saved I’m going to just have to drive with it leaking, anyways should I be okay as long as I don’t drive like a NASCAR driver lol thanks and I love your channel always educates me with automotive knowledge.

        Ian NewhallIan Newhall

          Hey Eric! I bought a 1997 chevy k1500 pickup about a month ago. It had a gas leak, which I was diagnosing. The fuel pressure regulator was leaking and caught fire. The damage wasn’t too severe, I lost all of my fuel injectors, and some wiring harnesses. I checked the compression on the engine and it was fine. Do you think it would be worth to have the damaged components repaired? I had the intake off when it happened. I threw a picture in of the damages, hopefully it helps.

          Alexander GreeneAlexander Greene

            What do you think about the Chevrolet HHR?

            Nathan MunozNathan Munoz

              Im looking to buy a nissan 300zx have you ever worked on one and what is your opinion on the twin turbo version of the car


                Hi Eric,

                Doing a major maintenance overhaul on a 2003 Acura CL Type-S, got a 6-speed manual one!

                Ran into a couple issues I could use some help with:

                1. Stuck crankshaft bolt – doing it on jackstands, at what point do I give up and take it to a shop for help? Had me and a buddy one a breaker bar and a decent impact wrench on it as well.

                2. Under the rear cylinder head cover it is really dark compared to the front. Is that normal or is it a cause for concern? No major performance issues or overheating, but lots of oil leaks and clogged EGR I am correcting.


                  Hello from Columbus. Love your vids. Love Skyline Chili. I’ll get down to it.

                  2012 Nissan Cube 1.8, only 25,000 miles (same drivetrain as the Versa). Idle rpm will lug sometimes, especially when the a/c compressor is on. Once I timed it in my head and it lugged down every 18 seconds. It reminds me of an old carb car that is running rich and occasionally loads up to the point that it stumbles. I’ve also read about dirty throttle body having that symptom. But since it seems tied to the a/c compressor I don’t think that’s it. Runs fine otherwise, so it’s really just an annoyance. Just wondering if you’ve run into that and what you’ve found. Thanks!


                    I have a 1994 Chevy Suburban. The slushbox 4L60E is giving up the ghost. Otherwise, the truck is in excellent condition. I’m considering switching it out for a six-speed manual. Would it be worth the effort involved in your opinion?

                    (Also, optional, does a goatee really add +1 Dexterity?)

                    You rock! Thanks.


                      Hi Eric, another Eric here. I’m working on a 1990 Accord with an F20A. I followed your no-spark no start troubleshooting page and I’m having some trouble. Found a small amount of oil under the distributor cap. I’m receiving spark at the coil spring, but it is lost at the cap and plug wires. The cap, rotor, and wires are almost new, however they are aftermarket. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


                        Hi Eric

                        2005 Honda Civic. D17a2 around 60k on the engine. Cam shaft seal popped out of the head. checked the PVC system. any other thoughts?


                          G’day Eric
                          Thanks for your time and effort putting on DIY world.
                          Just make it short. 2007 Forester X AT. Cold start in the morning and the engine and even the whole car shakes for about 1-2 minutes (while the car is at high idle). When it settle down to low idle, no more shaking even if I rev it up to the same RPM as when it’s at high idling.
                          Any suggestion?
                          Good night!


                            Hello Eric,

                            I have a 2009 Camry, Sometimes during the morning or when it has been sitting for a while, white smoke comes out of the exhaust or i think it is white. The car also pulls a little when shifting gears not sure if these two issues are related. I have no idea if my transmission is giving out or if it just needs a transmission flush.
                            I also know anything to do with transmissions has a high charge when taken to auto-mechanics.

                            Thank you for the time and advice. This channel has helped me a lot with general maintenance with my car, thank you.

                            Joe MostlerJoe Mostler

                              Hey Eric,
                              Got a 96 Jeep Cherokee that is making a rubbing noise only when i let off the gas when im going 40-50 mph
                              Thanks, love your channel


                                Hi Eric,

                                Just a quick question.

                                On my 2005 Saturn Ion of doom (tons of annoying things lately…) when I turn the fan on, on whatever level, my RPM goes at around 1100rpm and stays there.

                                Any clues on what to look for to cure this annoying problem ?

                                engine runs fine at 750-800rpm other than that…

                                Thanks 🙂

                                Byungchan ahnByungchan ahn

                                  Hello? eric nice to meet you!!
                                  i like video n i learn a lot of times
                                  I have some problems power steering fluid Bubbling n some wired sound coming out when i driving around 10~20 min sound coming out sometimes not coming out.
                                  I know that power steering fluid should not be bubbling i’m not sure /// i been local shop they said that sound coming out normal… they check for me power steering fluid pump is ok but i still heard that sound coming out…
                                  could plz help me?

                                  Casey BrownCasey Brown

                                    Hey Eric, I have a 1990 Ford ranger with a 2.9L v6. I am pulling an “erratic PIP” code on the ECM, I have replaced the PIP and the ICM among other parts. the engine stalls at highway speeds and idles rough when warm. I can’t seem to find the problem. any suggestions?

                                    Also, I have a 1997 ranger with a 2.3L 4 cylinder. It has a miss and everything has been replaced except the ICM, which I can’t find. I’m assuming it’s a part of the ECM, if so then I need to replace it. done all the tests on everything, all working but misses.

                                    Thanks and stay dirty

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