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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This will actually be my last live show of 2016. I have other obligations and a vacation that make this so. I will however do my best to answer as many of your questions as I can during this show.

      Once the show concludes, I’ll post the video to this thread and then lock it.

      Post your questions early for the best chance of getting it answered.

      See you tonight!

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      George BGeorge B

        Hello Eric!

        I am thinking about turning my love of DIY car repair on both my personal vehicles as well as friends into a career. I was considering the program at Penn Foster online. I know online isn’t ideal but I can’t go to an actual school. Do you have any input into this program or similar programs? I assume it is better than nothing at all and only cost about $600.


        P.S. Happy Thanksgiving Eric!

        Trevor GoodwinTrevor Goodwin

          Hey Eric, my grandfather has a 01 BMW 330xi AWD automatic with 300,000 miles. it was running great then died at a stoplight. towed it home and it wont start. Its getting fuel and spark. A compression test showed that all 6 cylinders had 0 PSI compression. We pulled the valve cover and both Camshafts are in time according to the Hanyns manual. we did a leak down test it seemed to be coming out of the intake through the throttle body, we only leak down tested one cylinder though. It wasn’t overheating. Any ideas why all 6 cylinders might have lost compression at the same time on an “old” but great running engine? Love your videos! Keep up the good work!


            where can we buy are eric the car guy or stay dirty ” shop clothes” ???


              Hi Eric i have a 1994 ford f350 5.8l 351w would a clogged fuel filter cause a engine knock?

              Robert HubaRobert Huba

                When going uphill I don’t notice any problems in drive, but in manual mode (most noticeably 3rd gear) there’s a small shake when pressing the gas. This doesn’t happen on flat ground. Normal? 2008 Saab 9-3 2.0T. 118k miles


                  Hi erick i like your videos help me much , erick i have a question ,,, when an auto mechanic is a mechanic ?
                  Thank you


                    Hi Eric,

                    How do you explain your YouTube success?

                    As a Celebrity when will you know that you’ve arrived?

                    Stay Dirty. Stay great!


                    Hi Eric

                    Back again with a question about my Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI.
                    Sometimes under heavy acceleration the glow plug light starts flashing and the engine gets in limp mode. After I restart the engine everything goes back to normal.
                    I checked it for codes and has a P132b. From what I found online the code pops up when the turbo vanes are sticking. I just checked them and they move freely.
                    I am a bit confused on how to go forward with this issue because this car doesn’t have that many sensors. I have a Autel MaxiDas scanner and all the sensors I can see are intake temp and pressure, MAF, EGR position and turbo actuator position. No other sensors on exhaust.
                    What do you think it could be? Or should I just be more gentle with it and leave it like that?

                    Many thanks.


                      Hey Eric! I love what you do on your channel. Keep it up. Do you think you will be doing more projects that will require your expert welding skills? I Keep it real and stay DIRTY!! 🙂

                      Best wishes to you and your family this Thanksgiving and holiday season.
                      -Douglas aka


                        Happy Thanksgiving to you & everyone else watching! For me I’ll be spending Thanksgiving & Friday at work as all employees are required by company policy to work both of those days. 🙁

                        Partly thanks to you and your videos, I am an entry-level technician currently working as a quick-lube and tire service tech in the Southwest VA area and studying for my ASE exams. Is there anyway I can physically get involved in Fixing-It-Forward as an entry-level tech i.e. NOT donating money?

                        Also what are your thoughts on federally-mandated (in the U.S.) TPMS sensors? In my opinion dealing with them on a daily basis they are an unmitigated PITA! The light can come on for any number of reasons including: (no need to read past here on air it is just included for everyone else)

                        Un-relearned or improperly relearned sensors after replacing a broken one or a tire rotation.
                        Air pressure GREATER or LESS than 3PSI from stated specification on the door label.
                        Change in outside air temperate (air expands in warmer weather & contracts in colder weather).
                        Low battery in a sensor (batteries aren’t replaceable-failure of a battery means purchase of a new sensor is required).
                        Seized valve stem causing sensor failure due to the fact that all sensors have copper or brass valve cores both of which easily corrode instead of stainless steel cores used for decades. At my place of employ we routinely swap out the corroded stems for stainless whenever we perform tire service at no charge.

                        Thanks and stay dirty,

                        Josh from Blacksburg, VA (look at your 2016 meetup board I’m on there)

                        Alex DerbenevAlex Derbenev

                          Hello sir, I am rather new here, but have been lurking in your videos for awhile. I got a 2013 Tacoma that should have diff fluids changed, Toyota says 75W-85 LT fluid, they’re basically the only ones to sell it and peddle it for 35$/quart, is 75-90 LS a safe alternative?

                          Anthony DavisAnthony Davis

                            I have 2010 Altima and has warped rotors. Are the front rors more likely to warp over rears? My mechanic would only cut them if I brought them in and said the will warp again, he would not cut them if I brought car in, only replace. Sound right, not to me??

                            Thank you

                            Edward st georgeEdward st george

                              I have a 01 ram 1500 4×4 and when I engage it in 4×4 it engages but when I go to drive it feels like it’s stuck any info you can tell me

                              Britt RelefordBritt Releford

                                Hi Eric. Love your channel. Straight to the question. 1983 Isuzu Pickup Diesel 4×4. Need to change the CV joint boots and replace the grease. Boots are not damaged but are starting to show their age. Any tips, tricks or recommendations?

                                joseph m doetschjoseph m doetsch

                                  hey eric
                                  joe doetsch (doi-ch) here i have a 2007 dodge caliber i dont remember the codes but it throws codes for low cam sensor voltage and says that the intake cam is advanced 25 degrees. could thie cam being off cause the cam sensor voltage code?

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