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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This will actually be my last live show of 2016. I have other obligations and a vacation that make this so. I will however do my best to answer as many of your questions as I can during this show.

      Once the show concludes, I’ll post the video to this thread and then lock it.

      Post your questions early for the best chance of getting it answered.

      See you tonight!

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        Thanks for all you do. Just got a 1995 RWD Ford Ranger. I’m looking to make it a little more capable off road, and am wondering about your thoughts on rear differential lockers. Would you recommend trying to swap the diff/ put in a locker, or other methods of beefing up the truck for off roading? Thanks so much!


          Hello Eric, I recently acquired a 2004 Honda element ex awd for my girlfriend. The vehicle came with 2 key fobs but I could clearly see that they are aftermarket and not oem, the guy I purchased the vehicle off of said he bought them off eBay and they don’t work. Would I have to buy an oem key fob to program to the car? I tried programming both key fobs that came with the car via instructions onlime and they will not program still. I know they vehicle has the wireless reciever for the fobs underneath the dash because I checked and I also checked all the fuses. Please let me know what you think!
          Thanks much, happy thanksgiving!


            Hey Eric Thanks for all the videos, they’ve been enjoyable and very helpful. I don’t know if this has been asked before but any advice for a total noob who wants to get his hands dirty with restoration, specifically an 89 Chevy Blazer with a 350 B) ? Where and how should I start?

            -Thanks for answering Eric! Happy holidays!


              Eric, thanks for years of great videos.

              Any tips on how to protect a newer car that lives outdoors from the rigors of northeastern winters?

              I would love to see a comprehensive video on this topic, focusing on ways to preserve the undercarriage and suspension of vehicles that live through salty, winter conditions.

              John BaykalJohn Baykal

                Hi Eric,

                i have a n54 engine BMW 335i. The car is doing a a minor shake like misfire / pulse maybe once in every 30 seconds or 45 seconds when the car is idling warm engine. no misfire codes. I changed the coil packs and plugs. It is a direct injection engine, i see some fouling on some of the spark plugs. in the cold start it is doing a stumble for few seconds which suggest leaky injector. Do you thing the the idling problem above related to leaky injector eventhough the engine is warm? or can it be related to PCV valve system?

                happy thanksgiving


                  Happy Turkey! 2008 caliber Integrated Cat LOOKS perfect inside n out nice tan, no clog BUT 160K miles * 800deg inlet temp 680 on outlet definitely bad huh? Just looking for some absolute reassurance :woohoo: b4 dropping $400 on new one….. it just looks friggin brand new…CANT need replacing…
                  thanks thx tanks for years.

                  Brad FinkBrad Fink

                    Hey Eric, when are we gonna get full length repair or mod videos again? Miss the full repair type videos.


                      hi eric ive been watching your videos for a few years now and ive learned alot i have a 1998 subaru outback i recently purchased with a bad engine and i swapped the engine from my 95 legacy wagon witch had a bad rust issue anyways after the swap everything worked fine but i had a vibration around 10 through 35 mph i thoght it was a transmission issue as it feels like a transmission chatter so before my legacy went to scrap i pulled the transmission driveshaft and rear diff i swapped these parts into my 98 outback and the 1-0 – 35 mph can my cv axles cause this vibration? its still there and the trans i installed did not have any issues before the swap.

                      George BGeorge B

                        Hello Eric!

                        I am thinking about turning my love of DIY car repair on both my personal vehicles as well as friends into a career. I was considering the program at Penn Foster online. I know online isn’t ideal but I can’t go to an actual school. Do you have any input into this program or similar programs? I assume it is better than nothing at all and only cost about $600.


                        P.S. Happy Thanksgiving Eric!

                        Casey CreagerCasey Creager

                          Hi Eric, Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for answering my question a few months back.

                          I have another problem now. I had the engine replaced and the shop said they put a new 02 sensor on too. When I left there was no check engine light. I started it up the next day and it threw the p0175 and p0152 codes. The car shakes and seems to have a rough idle when parked or at a stop light. When I put it in neutral the shaking goes away. It also won’t accelerate sometimes and when it finally does shift it surges. It is a 02 Chrysler by the way.

                          I have no idea what it could be. Thanks for any suggestions and help on this!

                          Christian LegraChristian Legra

                            Hey Eric! Big thanks on your tutorial on how to perform a parasitic draw test. HELPED ME TONS!
                            I have a 1998 mercury villager (Quest) Nissan 3.0 motor. It had Major sludge I tried to clean out as much as I could under the valve covers. replaced all the valve stem seals using the Ole rope in piston cylinder method and a harbor freight spring compressor. I put it all back together and now it wont start. I have electric/compression/fuel. Ive checked all hoses and sensors and other basic things. I did however remove half the oil from engine and filled the other half back with diesel fuel and ran it for 10 mins. I did this 3 times before I started the valve stem seal job. THANKS HAPPY THANKS GIVING!

                            EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

                              Thanks to everyone that participated and watched the show. I’ll see you again early next year!

                              Happy holidays and happy new year!

                              This thread is now closed.

                              Kitty 009Kiyty 009

                                What is your supposition with respect to the utilize of battery covers. I continuously thought they were incredible for the cold climate here in Canada, but a fellow from a battery store didn’t suggest their use.

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