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ETCG Answers Questions Live #79 (AMA) 1/4/2017

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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This will be my first live show of 2017! It’s good to be back.

      The show will begin at 7pm EST 1/4/2017. I’m going to make this an AMA style show so you can ask automotive questions as well as whatever you like (within reason). I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as possible in the hour I’ll be doing the show. Here’s a hint. The sooner you post your question, the more likely it is to get answered.

      After the show concludes, I’m going to post the video to this thread and lock it down until the next show scheduled for 1/18/2017.

      Hope to see you tonight!

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      Guillaune FeralGuillaune Feral

        Hi Eric!
        A quick update on a question I asked before and then quick question for real.
        I asked you about my weird intermittent vibration issue while applying the brakes, that I had sort of partially solved with lubricating the sliding pins on the front calipers… there’s been some development since and I can say with 60% certainty that what was still causing the issue at the rear was most probably a faulty self adjusting mechanism on one or both of the rear calipers. Re-manufactured set is on its way, so all my fingers are crossed.

        Actual question:
        I’m going to get a new tune for my Saab 9000 Aero, which will probably involve a higher boost pressure. I have all the hardware to support it, fuel delivery, exhaust, etc… but I’ll probably be using the stock inter-cooler for now, because I’m cheap. Should I worry about it blowing up catastrophically or is it just going to limit my potential peak power output (which I can live with, for a while)?
        Thanks for all your great work. Best of luck with the Fairmont, too. Looking awesome so far. 🙂

        Jason GuiryJason Guiry

          Hi Eric,

          Happy new year and I hope all your hopes and dreams come true this year 🙂 Do you know what might cause an extreme build up of ash deposit on spark plug #4 on an inline 4? No coolant is being consumed, minimal oil consumption, I’m using premium gas and the other plugs had essentially no ash.


          Stay awesome.


            Hi Eric,

            My mechanic changed the timing belt on my 02 Accord 4-cylinder with 200k miles. He used an Asian kit which is known to be of high quality. Since then, I hear a a whining noise coming from behind the timing cover when the car is warmed up. I took of the serpentine belts to narrow down the issue and the noise is still there. Sounds almost like a swarm of bees. I read in Honda’s, this a classic sign the timing belt or balancer belt is on too tight. I went back to the mechanic and he said it’s impossible to overtighten the belts since the tensioners are automatic. He said the new belts will break in soon enough and the noise will go away. This doesn’t sound right because timing belts don’t need a break in period like that. What’re your thoughts? Car drives fine otherwise but I don’t want to damage anything.

            You da man. Thanks for all you do!


              I have a 1999 Chevrolet Lumina with a 3.1 engine. The engine has 230K miles and it will need to be replaced or rebuilt in the near future, because of excessive coolant loss. I’ve researched both options of replacing the engine and rebuilding the engine, and in this case it would be better to rebuild the engine. My question is about engine block reconditioning. With 230K miles, most likely the engine cylinders will need to be bored over. If an engine block is bored over, which will produce additional cubic inches, how would this affect the computer control system in the car when the engine is reinstalled? Would the computer in the car compensate for the additional cubic inches in the engine, or would this create problems with the computer control system? Or would it be better to find a used engine block in good condition that has the original cylinder bore size? Thanks for your help!


                Hay Eric!
                Sorry about the “novel” last show, what turned out the fix was adding dielectric grease to the o2 sensor plug, over 1,000 miles later with no problems!

                My question is: what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever encountered working on cars? such as an odd solution or questionable DIY work.

                Stay Dirty!

                Dave TidmanDave Tidman


                  I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier 2.4L with a 5 speed manual and 140K miles on the clock. It is on the original clutch and for some reason there is no inspection port or hole so it seems the only way to inspect the clutch is to pull the transmission. Is there another way to determine clutch wear? I’m not having any issues right now, but I would like to know where I’m at so I’m not surprised with a clutch issue.

                  for an AMA, what part of your time in art school and as an artist helped you most as a technician?


                  Erik HagenErik Hagen

                    Hello Eric!

                    Do you plan on installing any kind of noise cancelling system in your shop?
                    I feel sorry for your ears when you use the impact gun or a hammer/air-hammer without wearing any ear plugs.
                    Despite the fact that you should still wear ear plugs/protection, I think that would do wonders for your shop.

                    I’ve been working at shops myself in the past so I know what it’s like.

                    Happy New Year!

                    Hayden manahanHayden manahan

                      Hey Eric, love the content btw. I’m 18 and kinda new to in depth work on cars. Im trying a swap on my 1.6 1992 miata and I’m swapping the motor, ecu, and wiring harness from a 1.8 1996 miata. Motor, ecu and wiring harness are all in, and I’m having a no crank no start issue. I have a new well secured battery, new starter that works, I tested it, new ignition switch, AND the starter is getting 12 volts, AND the voltage drops when I turn the key. Do you have any idea what may be happening? I’m totally lost for ideas and would love any advice thanks Eric ☺

                      Jason BurdJason Burd

                        Hey Eric, after driving FWD cars for the last 3 years, I’m finally getting ready to buy my first RWD car. A lot of people have encouraged me to go for the Honda S2000 because they’ve got plenty of power for such a light weight car, reliable, and it’s within my $20000 budget. However, I’m a little worried of how notoriously twitchy S2000s are and how they are known for being prone to snap oversteer. Do you think an S2000 would be a good choice for a beginner sports car? Also, what RWD sports car would you buy if you had $20000 to spare?

                        Thanks in advance! Stay Dirty!

                        Dave BeukersDave Beukers

                          Hi Eric Happy New Year, Hope all is well, we’re all a bit over the 40 degree celcius temps in australia for a bit though. Looks like your a busy man this year but would really love to see that fairmont going, but patience is a virtue, and to see that old ’51 chev that your dad has going again, even if its not so indepth with the videos, doing a project with your dad would be a project you’ll never forget. The ultimate giving back project
                          Through watching your videos, I changed rotors and pads on the Holden Statesman just before christmas in the heat, but mangaed to succeed all while having fun staying safe and getting very dirty. Thanks a lot. Dave

                          Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson

                            Hi Eric, love all of your videos!

                            I’ve been going through some serious struggles on whether or not I should keep my vehicle. I have a 1992 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin-Turbo aka Mitsubishi 3000GT Twin-Turbo. I’ve had it for little over a year, but I feel like it’s becoming a lost cause. This is my dream car which I spent 4 years saving up for and I truly love it, but it’s been giving me problems every month. Now, 5 different shops/technicians have told me that my motor is knocking and it’s almost impossible to find people in Malaysia that can work on these cars since they’re so old plus the fact that parts for this car are almost impossible to find in Southeast Asia. I’m not really sure what I should do considering I’ve spent so much money on it already plus the fact that still owe MYR 28,000 which is around USD 7,000. What would you do in this situation?

                            Todd AmanTodd Aman

                              Happy New Year Eric!

                              Have you watched Star Wars Rouge One? If so, what do you think about it?

                              PS it’s my birthday on Monday. I can’t for you to wish me happy birthday!

                              Kenneth LintonKenneth Linton

                                Hi Eric! Happy New Year to you!

                                I decided to pursue a career as an automotive/diesel technician. I just enrolled into Universal Technical Institute to study automotive/diesel technology and may even do Infiniti specified training once I complete the core classes. It’s a 50 grand investment. What are your thoughts? Is it worth it? I love working on cars, but I also want to make a living working on them. Only considering diesel to try to work in a fleet service where I’ve been told pay is better. I’m 26 years old and a recent college grad with debt of 10 grand.

                                Thanks for all the videos and best of luck on your Fairmont project this year. Can’t wait to see it running. Stay dirty!

                                – Kenny

                                Jeff SackstederJeff Sacksteder

                                  Are you ready to start thinking about the next Meetup yet?

                                  We spoke at the 2016 one and it sounded like you were considering having it at a larger site. Perhaps you can have a more general “YouTuber” car meetup so you don’t have to be “on stage” all day.

                                  I am willing to volunteer time – both for the event itself and also for scouting locations, etc. I’m sure there are others, too.

                                  How can I help 2017 be a success?

                                  Jason WhippleJason Whipple

                                    he eric got a 99 saab 9-3 5 speed 2.0turbo while u were on vacation but anyways ive been having idle issue’s it was idling high at first around 1400 to 1500 rpm replaced all the vacuum line now it idle a little better around 900 rpm but now at a light i drops out almost to stall but catches it self most of the time also it does stall once and great while changed the Idle air control valve on it too any idles can u enlighten me on anything else that i might have missed and hope your vacation was relaxing and holiday was good

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