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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This will be my first live show of 2017! It’s good to be back.

      The show will begin at 7pm EST 1/4/2017. I’m going to make this an AMA style show so you can ask automotive questions as well as whatever you like (within reason). I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as possible in the hour I’ll be doing the show. Here’s a hint. The sooner you post your question, the more likely it is to get answered.

      After the show concludes, I’m going to post the video to this thread and lock it down until the next show scheduled for 1/18/2017.

      Hope to see you tonight!

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      joseph m doetschjoseph m doetsch

        hey eric, my name is joe i have a 2007 dodge caliber with 179000 miles on it that throws codes p0340 and p0016 the obd2 scanner also said timing was 35 degrees off timing belt was done about 50000 miles ago any advice plus my aunt had replaced the cam sensor twice befor i recived the vehicle what advice could you give me. ps. would any issue with timing hinder my fuel economy thanks.

        Robert HubaRobert Huba

          Can old motor/transmission mounts be the cause of some shuddering during shifts/accelrating? I get no weird vibrations on flat ground, but uphill the car tends to shudder a bit when touching the throttle and when shifting. Not sure if this is a transmission issue. The car also shakes a bit at start.

          2008 Saab 9-3 2.0T, automatic, 120k miles

          Mohamed AckbarMohamed Ackbar

            Hey Eric! Happy New Years buddy hope you have a blessed year, but anyways is there any tricks to getting out stuck hoses that have been on for a while? My intercooler hose is stuck on pretty good never been taken off before.

            For your help


              Hi Eric, In winter, Is it better to just wait one minute after starting your car, then drive off slowly, or should you let it warm up longer like 5-10 minutes. I heard it is bad to warm up your car at idle in cold weather because it takes a long time to get up to operating temp and the gasoline strips the pistons of oil, causing unnecessary wear.

              Thanks, love your show

              Michael SacksteinMichael Sackstein

                Hey Eric,

                Happy New Year! Long time no speak. I’ve been busy working on my Masters in Information Technology, and trying to start a new career. Anyways, I have some time off now and I’m looking to upgrade my brake hoses on 2 of my Honda Pilots (2006 & 2011) at some point hopefully in the very near future to steel braided brake lines. I took a look at the link to the site you posted in the description of the video you posted a while back on your red Acura Vigor and I don’t see anything available for the pilot at least not on that site. Do you know of any other source that might have the parts necessary for this conversion and is it an improvement over the rubber hoses?

                Hope all is well with you and I wish you luck with all your upcoming projects!

                Stay Dirty!

                Michael Sackstein


                  First off i want to thank you for all the help and great vids. I have a 1998 saturn sl1 with a random misfire i have done plugs wires coil packs fuel filter intake gasket and fuel injectors. Now i am lost.


                    Just replaced the engine from a Mazda 6, got it all back together and when we started it there was a loud metal on metal sound and the engine eventually died, next start up it ran great BUT now doesn’t go into any gear.. any idea what happened? Flywheel is bolted fine.. the “range sensor” clip did have some bent prongs that we realized after and fixed but still getting no gears, engine does drop RPM but vehicle doesn’t move


                      Hello Eric,

                      Long time viewer, first time asking. My uncle had a 1993 Chevrolet K1500 truck & the right rear brake locked up going over a railroad crossing that was very rough. Can a rough railroad crossing cause the brakes to lock up & if so, can the railroad be held liable because the crossing maintenance appeared to have been neglected for years?

                      Jeremy HarndenJeremy

                        Hi Eric,

                        Love the show! I have a question. I have a 2001 Subaru Forester manual transmission that is making a clicking sound anytime the wheels are turning. It increases with speed and I can feel it very lightly on the gearshift. The clicking goes away on acceleration and turning either direction does not affect the clicking. Any help would be great!

                        Thanks again!


                          Hi Eric, love your videos and thanks for making them! What are some things to look for when buying a late 90s/early 2000s Honda Accord, I’ve watched your buying a used car video but being a Honda expert looking for some inside knowledge! Thanks, and stay dirty!


                            Hey Eric. Happy New Year.
                            Im giving my 99 ram 1500 a tune up next week. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, etc.
                            When buying the parts I came across these “special 8.2mm wires”. Are they all they are cracked up to be or am i just as well off with a cheaper set. I’m not looking for bolt on HP but im a firm believer in quality parts.
                            I know I’m crossing into stuff covered in your performance parts video but it does not seem like there is alot to be improved in the “spark” department.

                            Michael SacksteinMichael Sackstein

                              [quote=”rhuba1″ post=181767]Can old motor/transmission mounts be he cause of excess shaking during shifts/accelrating? I get no weird vibrations on flat ground, but uphill the car tends to shudder a bit when touching the throttle and sometimes when shifting. The car also shakes a bit at start.

                              2008 Saab 9-3 2.0T automatic[/quote]

                              Yes very common problem on Saabs. My first car was in fact a Saab 900 S.


                                👿 Happy new years to ya too Eric :cheer:

                                Question, I have a 2001 nissan altima 184,000 miles and going strong.

                                Planning a road trip to Arizona (from Wisconsin) thats about 1,200 miles. Should i or should i NOT go for it

                                , and maintenance wise what do you recommend to check pre-wise before making these type ofvroad trips, especially for an 10+ year older car.

                                Thanks 🙂

                                Brian HolmesBrian Holmes

                                  Hi Eric,

                                  I have an old little 50’s Ford Truck from my grandfather and am installing a Ford 8.8″ diff.
                                  I’m up to the point of making park brake cables – I wanted to ask if your custom cables are holding up?
                                  I have a MIG welder and would rather DIY like you than send out for custom work.



                                    Hi Eric!
                                    So I have transmission shudder. Awesome. I drive a 2003 Mercedes C240 that has about 130K miles and the shudder occurs between 20-30 mph. I was wondering how I should go about dealing with this? Should I go for a complete rebuild, partial rebuild, etc. What do you think would be the best bet for my money?

                                    Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing!

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