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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      The show will begin at 7pm EST 1/18/2017. This will be another AMA style show so you can ask automotive questions as well as whatever you like (within reason). I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as possible in the hour I’ll be doing the show. Here’s a hint. The sooner you post your question, the more likely it is to get answered!

      After the show concludes, I’ll post the video to this thread and lock it down until the next show scheduled for 1/18/2017.

      See you tonight!

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        My name is Josh.

        3 Questions for you answer as many or as few as you want.

        1.) I am an entry level tech currently changing tires, oil, and batteries for Wal-Mart while studying for my ASEs (A1-A8/9) and got into this field because of you, in fact I met you at the 2016 meet up (Josh from Blacksburg, VA on the big board of signatures from it). Is there any way I can contribute to Fixing It Forward in a physical (non-monetary) manner? Or in plain English wrench on some things/spread the word because I’m rather broke?!

        2.) Being an entry level guy any interview tips? I have interviewed several places and interview poorly resulting in no call-backs/hiring, due in part to my ADD/ADHD! I have an interview tomorrow with a Goodyear Garage the next town over and another interview about 2 hours earlier from a Honda dealer in the same area. Yes I have my own basic tools-thanks to your tool reviews and the informative posts in the Technician’s only forums.

        3.) What are your thoughts on U.S. Federally Required TPMS sensors? In my opinion they are a pain in the rear and cause additional headaches for the consumer and technician for many reasons (don’t want to write you a novel here).


          Hi Eric, I have a 1998 c1500 with the vortex 350, I’m having an issue with tire wear on the outer edge. I’ve had it realigned, but it did not help. Whenever I turn the wheel hard-over, the truck shimmies side-to-side (especially when the ground is wet). I’ve looked at the suspension, but I don’t notice anything obviously wrong. Was hoping you could point me in the right direction. Thanks again, happy new year, and stay dirty!

          Joseph ImbrialeJoseph Imbriale

            Hey Eric!

            Love your channel and your videos! I’m currently a mechanical engineering student and always watch your videos to learn more about cars and to learn how to repair my own!

            I own a 2004 Acura TL and know they have issues with transmissions. I was looking into buying a transmission cooler for it to try and extend the life of the trans. What do you think about that? Would it help?? The car has 107k miless on it and so far so good with the trans. I anyways stay on top of the fluid as well. Let me know what you think! I was also told Hinda built in a cooling/heating unit for the fluid at the factory… it looks like a hockey puck. Know anything about that?

            Keep up the good work!! Thanks again,


            Lon WillisLon Willis

              Hello Eric

              I recently had my Honda Element aligned and it was still 2% off on the right side. Do you think its the control arm or strut causing this..
              also could you post the link in repairing the HOOD LATCH on a honda civic / accord 1995 or 1996

              Nate ThibodeauNate Thibodeau

                I have been hearing a fairly loud grinding noise when I turn and accelerate with my 2007 Dodge Caliber.. Only happens when is quite cold out…20(f) or below. Doesn’t do it at all when its warmer out.

                I did some searching online…found quite a few forums of owners of various Dodge/Chrysler brand vehicles reporting this same issue. I did have a local shop look at the CV Axle joints and such during oil change..they report everything looks fine.

                Ever heard of this kind of odd issue?

                PS: Thanks for all the things u do. Wish there were more mechanic like u around the world.

                Mustafa AmirMustafa Amir

                  Hi Eric.
                  This is Mustafa with the 2008 nissan frontier. thanks for the help with the suspension noise I had. it was the stabilizer links that was causing the issue. well I live in Boise, Idaho and this year been a special winter that made a record. temperatures been in the low single digits and even below zeros. everytime i start my pickup when its been sitting in the cold for a while, I smell heavy or rich air coming out of tail pipe till the engine runs for about 5 min at idle or driving it for couple minutes. I also notice gasoline smell from underneath the hood. check engine light came on for a day for cylinder #1 misfire then went away the next day and also I’m noticing that I’m burning more fuel than normal. I was wondering if this condition is normal for this crazy winter? and any ideas why did the engine light triggered for that cylinder and went away?
                  Thanks for your videos, your A/C basic operation video helped me get a 100% on my A/C exam back in 2014 when i was in the Diesel Program in College of Western Idaho. the college where I graduated from. Thanks and stay dirty.


                    Hey Eric, I have a 1995 Ford F150 with the 300 straight 6 the problem i am having is when I am trying to start it will crank for an extended period of time before it starts. I have replaced the fuel filter and the fuel sending unit. The injectors are working properly what else am i missing any help would be greatly appriciated thanks and keep up the great work.

                    Ryan GoburdhoneRyan Goburdhone

                      Hi Eric, loving the #FairmontProject and wish you all the success to finish it from the UK, You really have helped me loads as an aspiring vehicle technician at 17 years old and I really hope you see this, but anyway I have a 2012 VW polo and basically anytime I use power in the car like using the electric windows, the AC, and especially when I turn the steering wheel the headlights dim and by quite a bit, my first thoughts were obviously altenator failing, and battery but instead I took it to a trusted garage and they said it was my power steering pump that had broken and a new one would cost me nearly £600 as you can tell I didnt do that, they also said that the battery the person who previously owned car was the wrong one and even though they put the right one in it made no difference. Recently i have noticed the steering has gone a bit heavier and on one occasion it sort of jammed, but once again im not too sure, I was wondering if you had ever experienced this on a car? and what do you think the problem could be? Once again thank you so much for your awesome videos 🙂


                        Hi Eric. I tend to rev to about 4k RPM between shifts for quick acceleration. Redline is at 6k. Am I wearing out my engine more than if I were to shift at 2500-3000 rpm? Is it only bad if you’re hitting redline? I Plan to have my car for many miles and don’t want to kill the engine. I’m very good on maintenance. 2009 Nissan Altima 6 speed manual 90k miles.

                        Thanks, loved the Sentra SE-R series. Big Nissan fan


                          Hello Eric, first off thanks for creating all the automotive content you do. It has allowed me to save money and become more secure in my daily transportation.

                          I own a 1999 Jaguar XJ8 with 85,000k miles

                          There have been a couple instances when the car will go into ‘Engine Failsafe Mode’ and ‘Stability Control Fail’ while i’m driving and the car will not go above 10 mph. Usually when i turn off and restart the problem fixes itself (most of the time). Sometimes there is a hesitation on acceleration afterwards. I believe the fuel pump is going bad?

                          My next car i wanted to buy a new (sick of fixing old cars) 4 door compact passenger car. Definitely will not buy another Jaguar!! I want a car that will last to 200k with proper maintenance. What make is good for reliablility, durability, and NOT SUPER EXPENSIVE TO FIX? What make do you recommend?

                          I’ve been looking at the new Mazda 3, I like there body and driving dynamics. What do you think about those cars/ company/brand?

                          Thanks a lot!!

                          Juan Marcos LariosJuan

                            Hi Eric, Juan in Stoughton, MA here. First, thanks a million for all your work, it’s helped me a ton and I’ve learned a lot. Have 3 questions, feel free to answer all or none 🙂 but DO read the last paragraph:

                            1. ’06 Odyssey that feels like I’m driving on a ridged road, I feel vibration on the steering wheel but no where else. It comes on when I rev the engine but not 100% of the time & never at idle or when cruising w/o my foot on the gas. At first I thought it might be the passenger side motor mount which I replaced during a recent timing belt job in June ’16 but it looks in decent shape from the outside (haven’t fully inspected it yet). The van does have pulsating brakes at higher speeds but I’m sure that’s just from the ‘warped rotors’ which I already have replacements for. The van will also need a new P/S pump as it’s leaking and sometimes it’s hard to turn at low speeds. I don’t suspect any of these issues to be the culprit, other than that the van drives great.

                            2. Ever change oil pump on a F22B1 engine (94 Accord EX)? Having problems when Installing pump back on the engine block and putting the rear balancer shaft thru the cylindrical hole on the pump. When I do, it locks the balancer shaft still where it won’t spin at all. Removing the pump again allows the shaft to spin freely like nothing’s wrong. Feels like the hole’s gotten smaller or the shaft thicker in the 10 minutes since removing the pump. I removed it during a timing belt job to replace o-rings and gaskets since i had a small oil leak from the balancer gear case into the lower timing belt cover. Your thoughts?

                            3. AMA question: What’s the ETCG1 topic you’ve done that made you really think “why in the h*** did I open my mouth about that”?

                            In closing: I was walking around my local Best Buy store drooling at the new refrigerators with android enabled screens on the doors, and what do I see? a paused EricTheCarGuy youtube video on it. Someone was streaming you on a department store’s showroom refrigerator screen. You’re now ‘main stream’ my man. Congratulations 😀

                            Thanks always, Stay Dirty.


                              Hello Eric, My name is Mike, I have a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. a few weeks ago it started to have a slight hesitation when starting up. it runs great once its running but it will crank for a few seconds, sputter for a second then crank a couple seconds and start up perfectly usually. it has no CEL on and no service engine lights on if there is any even on the car, i hope to never find out if it does. i am thinking it may have either air getting into the fuel lines or the fuel pump is getting a little weak. it has about 200k miles on it and as far as i know the fuel pump is original. and the fuel filter was replaced about 4000 miles ago as well. or could it just be happening from the cold temperatures maybe?

                              Thank you for taking the time to answer the question, I as well ave a youtube channel called ” Mike utoober” and i make automotive related videos as well


                                What do you think about Chevy Cavalier’s? What do you see commonly go wrong with them? ( I own a 04 base model Manual and I love the 2.2 liter Ecotec engine). And do you have a favorite easy car to work on? You’re a great guy and a great mechanic thank you for helping so many people with their car troubles.



                                  Hey eric! Andy back with my 2000 tiburon and just wanted to give you an update on the transmission. I did a transmission service about 3 weeks ago on it (flush and new filter) and so far I’ve had no issues with it, so knock on wood, that fixed it. But as to my question, I was wondering what things you could do to make your car brake better? I know good tires and having good brakes, but I heard new struts and springs can help too. is that true? thanks!

                                  Shaun FlichelShaun Flichel

                                    Hey Eric. 2011 Cruze, 1.4. have a p2135 code which is either the petal position sensor or either tps sensors. Ever ran across this? I have yet done any testing. But hoping to this weekend. Thanks

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