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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      It’s another Wednesday where I’ll be answering your questions in this live AMA show. The show starts at 7pm EST, -5GMT. The earlier you post, the more likely it is I’ll answer your question. I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as I can during the hour long show.

      Once the show concludes I’ll post the video here and close the thread until the next live show in 2 weeks.

      Thanks for posting!

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        Hey Eric it’s Dylan. This isn’t a car question. However, I just wanted you to know that I’ve been watching your videos for years now. Everything I use to this day and tips, I got from you! Without the knowledge I obtained from you, I would never have gotten the courage to join our Armed Forces! Thank you for your help in creating a career for me, I will always be watching your videos, Thank you 😀


          Hey Eric,

          I have a 1998 Honda Civic lx. I’ve been having a starting issue. I’ve been getting diagnostics test done and a code reading saying that cylinder 1 is misfiring. I’ve replaced the head gasket ,distributor, spark plugs and wires, ignition coil and some other things to maintain the car. Other mechanics are telling me to get a new engine but what could be the other reasons to why that particular cylinder misfire ,should I just get a new car or replace the engine. -Thanx!


            Let me clarify some things about my old brute. its been ran dry on oil 3 times its got a oil leak from the valve covers, its been in a nasty front end collision, then it hit a deer at 60mph,then its ran over a honda civic hatch, the thing has been through…some ruff patches but it still runs, like a champ that i might add, but i can’t fix all the damage when 1/3 of the body is covered in rust and is about 1cm outa place, like the doors don’t want to shut properly, i can’t fix that ontop of all that the parts alone cost more than most newer rams, so thus why im going to blow the engine in a burnout contest. if it lives ill turn it in to a burnout truck or sell it to someone doing a 500 dollar craigslist challenge. im trying to send it out in proper fashion not just scraping it or parting it out granted there are no good parts left.

            Codi KingeryCodi Kingery

              Hey the show. I just got a 94 nissan pathfinder auto in a trade. Not a transmission guy. Anyways it has a 1-2 second delay when shifti,g between 2nd and 3rd. Does it need a rebuild? Or could it be the tcm? Also my teach likes to stick. How could I did this?

              Daryush DehnaviDaryush Dehnavi

                Hey Eric, I’ve got a 1980 MGB in my garage, and I very often have trouble starting the engine. Once it’s running there’s no problems, but now especially (with the cold) it takes close to 20 mins sometimes and a good amount of starter fluid. Wondering if you know why this happens, and if you have any solutions or tips (it’s a 4 cylinder 1.8, single carburetor).

                Another quick thing so i can win (or lose) an argument with my dad, if you replace a gasket with a cork one, do you need to use some sort of extra seal, like silicone or something?

                Thanks if you get to it, Jam Garage

                Zack RenderZack Render

                  Hi Eric. I have a 2003 Ford Taurus with the 3.0 Vulcan and 222xxx miles on it and when I put it wide open it knocks like a Jehovah witness in a black neighborhood. Any ideas? And stay dirty.

                  Shaun FairheadShaun Fairhead

                    Hello Eric

                    Not really a question but I went to college to study vehicle maintenance when I was 16 for a 1 year course and I feel that I have learnt and fully understood a lot more from mechanics like yourself here on YouTube and then trying things out on my own car in my garage.Always seemed there was a rush to learn things at college

                    Really appreciate all of your videos


                    Joe NelsonJoe Nelson

                      Hey Eric,

                      First Thanks for all you do. Can you recommend any online training that would help me get a better grasp on using meters and Oscilloscopes for troubleshooting in the shop? I have some exposure to a scope but not a lot of hands on or theory practice.

                      Catanya DevonshireCatanya Devonshire

                        Hey Eric, love the Fairmont so far!

                        My question is this, I have a 1965 Fury 2, and need weatherstripping and gaskets. NPD only covers A,B, and E bodies. Fury is a C body. Also how do you feel on the slant 6?

                        Lotsa love from a Canadian car girl!!!!

                        Andrew ChristmasAndrew Christmas

                          First thanks for what you do!
                          Recently got a 87 civic wagovan wouldn’t idle looked as somebody tried to “devac” it. I put a weber carb on, and it still won’t idle, runs fine at higher revs. What should I be looking for to figure out whats going on? I’ve tried to plug all lines and ports what els could it be besides a vacuum leak?
                          I got this car to learn more about working on cars, and I am very much still learning.

                          Al CasasolaAl Casasola

                            Eric, thank you very much for what you do. I have learned a lot and has given me the confidence to take on the task to work on my own car. I have a 1971 Toyota Corolla KE26 Wagon. I was driving it and heard a large noise, and smoke started to come out of the exhaust. I pulled over and thought I may have threw a valve. After pulling over and getting the car towed home, I found that the top end looked okay. I attempted to manually turn the engine and it stopped turning. There is not damaged to the outside of the engine. Besides my suspicion of a thrown rod, what else could I have run into?

                            Marty UnderwoodMarty Underwood

                              I love your channel as you seem like a down to earth guy from the real world. So I am a diehard Fox Body Mustang guy. What made you pick the Fairmont for a project. Disclaimer* I have not had a chance to watch all of the vids. I also love the T5 rebuild vids with Paul. I just ordered his shims thanks to your vid and rebuilding my T-5 right now.

                              Thanks for taking the time and hope your time spent on YouTube is paying off as it should.

                              Joshua CampbellJoshua Campbell

                                are you a Humblemechanic Crew member?

                                Damien FunkDamien Funk

                                  Halo from Montana… I have a question about diesels. I drive a 99 powerstroke 7.3 and I have taken the time to do a complete rebuild, including honed block, upgraded pistons, yadda yadda. I hope to get 600k+ miles …Now, my old man has driven it and he now must have an an old diesel again. He will not be able to, or is looking for a rebuild, and I am wanting to find him something that will not be problematic with a good chance at old-diesel longevity. Do you have any opinions on the Ford 6.0, 6.4, and/or Cummins motors (2000 – new)?

                                  Thank you! You channel is stellar and so are your motivations.


                                    Hi eric

                                    Thanks for helping me so many times past these years! Last year I was soo close (about 12 hours drive) to reach your meet up.. Now its 11 hours flight.. But.. My AMA is what could be wrong if my car bucks and feels like missfiring and no power when driving over 60mph going to a little uphill.. Recently I replaced ignition components such as sparkplugs and wires, checked coils and they are in specs.. The car is 1994 “General Mistake” vehicle with notorious 3800 engine..

                                    Greetings from Finland

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