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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      That’s right, I’ll be coming to you live from the shop tonight to answer your automotive and AMA questions. You can post your questions here and I’ll do my best to answer them at 7pm EST 3/1/2017.

      Hope to see you there.

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      Mustafa HasanMustafa Hasan

        Hey Eric love your videos man!

        Ill keep this short.

        What are your opinions on the new tesla cars, not just their self driving capabilities but also about the lack of a dealership entity in their business startegy and the change in trend from the Internal cumbustion engines to battery powered motors?
        Lastly, how will it affect the automotive repair business?


        P.S. The long hair looked good on ya!

        Mike ScottMike Scott

          Hi Eric, Hi from Canada. Thank you for your video’s. You have been an amazing help for maintaining my Honda’s. I recently replaced the Master Cylinder/Brake booster on my 93 Integra GS because of leaking (I actually poured out about a 1/2 cup of fluid from the booster), and was wondering how to adjust the push rod without the Honda special tool. I have been finding that it is really soft or if I adjust the rod to shorten the free play, I am finding that the brakes are locking up. Struggling to find a happy medium. I have also replaced the front pads and rotors and did a full brake fluid flush.

          Kevin DanielKevin Daniel

            Hey Eric, no question from me. Just love what you do and want to thank you for everything your channel has taught me. Stay dirty!

            Benjamin PlattBenjamin Platt

              Hey Eric! My question is have your ever turned down or walked away from a repair? I just did last week after somebody brought me a vehicle for a simple oil change. I pulled the oil plug and it was like honey mixed with antifreeze. Enough said. Thanks for your work and I absolutely love your truck by the way. Stay dirty

              Dave BeukersDave Beukers

                Hi Eric,

                Evans Waterless Coolant your thoughts on this and is it worth it? I change coolant every 2 years unless i have a problem. at least you can smell a glycol coolant leak. i seems to have a sixth sense for smelling it. They are making a big push here in the land down under atm but its very expensive

                Thanks Dave


                  Hey Eric, I really enjoy both your channels, thank you for creating them.

                  When changing coolant, should I also change other components, like the coolant temp sensor?


                    G’day Eric all the way from down-under, i just wanted to say thank you for all the videos you create even when they are not relevant to what i am doing they are still very entertaining to watch.

                    My question. I have a Holden VF Commodore SV6, (Chevy SS for you Americans but a v6 not a v8) my problem is that when using the car for the first time in the day or in some cold situations the front brakes have a metallic squeak. i have checked the meat on the pads and it has plenty it only has 13000 Km’s on it. I have taken it back to Holden (Chevy) for this and they can not see anything that could be causing it and gave me an excuse from the “We have no idea book of dealership excuses” and told me “Its normal it happens on all these models” i was just wondering if you have any ideas. Thanks.


                      Chris again. An usual random question for you. Name a car or 2 that you think could be considered a “collectable” from the last say 10 years? 30 years from now. Compared to say a 55 chevy 2 door etc today.

                      edit : since im watching this live chat,on your bald hair comment,can you remove your hat so we can see how life is bald? LOL Sorry,i had to edit this when u said it.


                        Hey Eric,

                        Here is a tricky one on my brother’s Nissan AD ( does not exist in the US). its the 1.5l same platform as the sentra se-r. the problem is it burns gas because there is poor fuel economy along with black soot on the bumper. however when on WOT the o2 sensor is pegged lean which would be false because the fuel wont be burning. the spark plugs and coil packs are all good and im unsure as to what to do next.


                          Hey Eric,

                          Have a 2013 Rav4. When filling the fuel tank the nozzle clicks off when its full. However, in all my vehicles, I am able to top up the tank to round off to the nearest dollar. In the Rav, when I try to add that little bit of more fuel it overfills and spills out and just sits their full to the end of the fuel filler pipe. I am suspecting something to do with venting?? Can you explain how the whole system works when filling and what may cause this issue. How to troubleshoot?

                          Thanks in advance. Love your videos!


                            u can just call me sir in the live show

                            hey long time watcher of the videos keep up the great work. i have a 1998 outback that has a 1995 legacy engine in it the ej22. im having an issue when sometimes as i come to a stop the engine will stall out it restarts just fine and will do this cold or warm this issue is random.
                            what could be causing this? 214,000 miles on the engine 264,000 on the body

                            im also experiencing a shaking steering wheel when i apply the brakes i have changed both front rotors with no affect to the issue can the rear rotors cause a wheel shake as well?


                              hi eric,
                              i’m working on ’79 TRANS AM with 454 cid chevy and aggressive cam, holly 700cfm double pumper, 4 corner idle. the car idles and runs well on the primaries but falters and runs sluggish when the secondaries open. there is no power valve, 50cc accelerator pump and i have got the jets (86s) at best performance. with a new fuel pressure gauge the after market, Holley (blue) fuel pump, is only producing 3.6 to 3.7 lbs of pressure as secondaries come in. i think the pump should do better and i’m wondering if the stock 1/4′ fuel line is the problem. any thoughts? thanks and stay dirty.

                              david smithdavid smith

                                Hello Eric! dreaded 2006 ford f150 5.4L question: left rocker arm cover has loud squealing coming from under there, sounds like bad belt or pulley. Makes same noise with serpentine belt off…cam follower? maybe?

                                Tyson Gallant SauveTyson Gallant Sauve

                                  Hello Eric I’m 18 and own a 2004 Toyota echo 4 door sedan, it has the 4 cylinder vvt-i DOHC engine, when I accelerate, it makes a metal noise, almost like a chain being very lightly dragged across metal, its hard to explain but it almost sounds like metal rubbing, when I coast it doesn’t make the noise. The engine also has a lot of shake to it when the car idles in park. A friend of mine who works on cars has suggested its a stuck lifter, does this sound right to you it also makes quite the clicking noise because of this. Oild was changed less then 500 kms ago. if it means anything when starting the car (cold ) it starts up and revs and then drops in revs very quickly since there is no tach i can only hear by engine noise. also the noise (metal rubbing) comes from the passenger side wheel well…. confused me PLEASE HELP. ~~~~ tyson

                                  Shaun FlichelShaun Flichel

                                    Hey Eric. A couple episodes ago I asked you about a p2135 code on a 2011 Cruze. It relates to the throttle position and pedal position voltage correlation. I did notice while we turned Eskimos here in Canada that the vehicle took a very long time to heat up to operating temperature. Since the deep freeze and temps around -10 Celsius we have had no problems with this vehicle. Would the unlivable cold for a human set a code that we had on the car? It did not give any codes for not reaching operating temp. Thanks Eric. You can make regina, Saskatchewan one of your meet up stops? Shaun

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