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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      That’s right, I’ll be coming to you live from the shop tonight to answer your automotive and AMA questions. You can post your questions here and I’ll do my best to answer them at 7pm EST 3/1/2017.

      Hope to see you there.

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        Hello Eric!
        I recently did a transmission oil change on my 2008 Pontiac G8. Its an automatic transmission. After i was done i took it for a test drive. Everything seems good, it shifts smoother. I don’t really have any complains when the car is running. But right after i shut off the car i can hear a grinding noise, only for a half a second. But its audible. I think the noise is coming from where the engine and transmission meet. My car doesn’t have a transmission dip stick, but i made sure to put back the same amount of fluid that i got out. The noise isn’t audible at all when the engine is running or when the transmission engages. Any thoughts. Thank you.

        Tim PhillipsTim Phillips

          Hey Eric, on my 1995 Ford Mustang GT whenever it’s at idle I hear some noise coming from under the hood but whenever I’m driving the noise is gone but when I come to a stop the noise returns and I checked all the pulleys and all were good. Any ideas as to what the problem is because it’s driving me nuts. Thanks Eric.

          Dana HarripersadDana Harripersad

            Greetings from western Canada, Eric! No question this time; simply praises from Airdrie, Alberta.

            Your work has helped keep me from the gutter more than once; I’ve already saved a good two hundred bucks Canadian in oil changes and seasonal tire rotations, with more savings to come in the future – and equally important, your forum recently confirmed a diagnosis I had received regarding my ’97 Civic, which is helping confirm certain car-related decisions to come after this tax season. Just wanted to say thank you so much for that help and others (without you, there wouldn’t be an ETCG Forum or videos to have helped the people at all!), as well as all you’ve done to date and all you’re doing now; you are a living example of what comes when a person never gives up on the craft they choose.

            Can’t wait to see the Fairmont Project when it’s finished – to borrow your catchphrase, be safe, have fun and stay dirty!

            Take care.
            Dana Harripersad

            Warren KWarren K

              Hey, Eric. Ive recently purchased a 2002 camaro ss 6 spd t top with 8,000 original miles for $15,500, it was stored in a heated garage most of its life and barely driven with one owner. It is spotless, do you think i got a good deal? Also, even with the low mileage will age affect all the fluids? i was thinking about changing the rear diff fluid, transmission fluid, flushing the coolant and maybe the power steering fluid or is that not necessary?


              Priyank BalarPriyank Balar

                How to install a rotors and pads in rear on cars with electronic parking brake? Because I heard piston won’t compress without releasing the brake.

                Thomas cummingsThomas cummings

                  hello im looking into a 99 f150 that needs a engine and a rear end for 500 should i go for it?

                  Thomas cummingsThomas cummings

                    hello im looking into a 99 f150 that needs a engine and a rear end for 500 should i go for it?


                      hi Eric, but watching your show for the last few years since When I got my Subaru outback, you were working on almost the exact same Subaru Legacy.

                      I’m just wondering about transmission fluid changing. I got a 2011 Ford fusion, I drain the fluid out, about four ports, and replaced it with Valvoline mercon LV compatible fluid. The performance hasn’t been shifting satisfactory since. so what I’m wondering is if I can drain the fluid again, maybe crank the engine a few times to get more of the fluid out , and refill with the mercon Lv specific fluid.

                      if that would be wise?

                      Stay dirty my friend


                        Hey Eric,
                        2000 Dodge Durango 5.2 2WD, On initial startup the exhaust smokes like blown head gasket but after it warms up no smoke exists. Any thoughts? Cracked block maybe?

                        Thomas cummingsThomas cummings

                          im looking at a 99 f150 that has a 5.4 that needs rebuilt and a rear end what should i do he is asking 500 should i go and buy it


                            2004 Dakota 2wd. Eric im about to change the front control arm bushings and even though the nuts are off the upper arm, its frozen to the frame. I e pb blasted it for a week and have beat on it. How can i get it off? HELP!!


                              Chris again. An usual random question for you. Name a car or 2 that you think could be considered a “collectable” from the last say 10 years? 30 years from now. Compared to say a 55 chevy 2 door etc today.

                              edit : since im watching this live chat,on your bald hair comment,can you remove your hat so we can see how life is bald? LOL Sorry,i had to edit this when u said it.


                                i have learned so much from you over the past 4 years. Never really having anyone to show me much about working on cars growing up I have turned to you. Was wondering if there is anything else people can use to heat bolts up other than an oxygen torch. I have a small home garage and its hard to find the tanks and set up around this area. Thank you so much for all you do, keep the videos coming.

                                EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

                                  Thank you to everyone that participated and watched tonights live show. Here is the video of the show. The next show will be March 15, 2017 7pm EST (-5GMT). This thread is now closed.

                                  Thanks again!

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