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    Mark PrabuckiMark

      This may sound silly but I’m going to suggest it anyway.. but read on and you’ll hopefully understand. Recently I had to lookup a video on how to load and then eventually properly use a grease gun — but not a newer one.. one that’s like 20+ years old. I have three grease guns that I inherited from my father.. but they are old old ones and there is no safe way to pull back and lock the spring.. I think you need to actually stand on it and pull it back.. or load it wth another tub which pushes the grease in. I was never able to find a way to load them and I use a catridge and the spring is under high compression.. I ended up buying a new one where i can pull back and lock the sping and I felt better about that. On some of the grease fittings I think they need to be replaced because the grease was jammed up. Anyway this may be a quick easy one but sorry it’s a real newbie one.

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        Sorry to hear about the trouble you had with the grease gun. Replacing the cartridges is not something I do often. Mainly because I rarely see serviceable fittings on ball joints and tie rod ends, but if the opportunity comes up that sounds like it would make a great video. Thanks for the suggestion.

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