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    Yavor Penchev

    Dear Eric/team,

    My name is Yavor from Bulgaria and I have been watching your videos for over 3 years now. They have given me confidence to tackle minor and mid size projects that I would have otherwise been scared of. They also provide a ton of entertainment and information presented in a way for everyone to understand, which is incredibly helpful.

    I know that you don’t do a lot of work on German and European vehicles, as you have said in your videos. What I am wondering is if you plan to do any series, similar to the Mini series, but with a used higher end German brand (such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes)? I think it would be super well received by the European audience as those are driven a lot here (like Japanese brands in USA).

    I apologize if this question has been posted previously.

    Thank you for your time and all the best,


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