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    Andy KentAndy Kent

      1st Car was a 1987 Nissan Pulsar NX with the E16i engine/5 speed manual. Wish it was the CA18DE. In that year it may have been the CA16DE for DOHC but either way. Did a lot of work on it to fix it up. It had a new alternator, battery, plugs and wires, all

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        [quote]Quoted From twofourniner:_x000D_
        Oh, and this was my first post too….Hello!


          I’ d give a nice little paragraph or sentence on each car I have owned…but…well you will see._x000D_
          1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme_x000D_
          1992 Dodge Spirit R/T_x000D_
          1997 Eclipse GST_x000D_
          1988 RX7 Turbo II_x000D_
          1996 Acura Integra RS Coupe_x000D_
          1997 Toyota Camry_x000D_
          1997 Civic EX


            I am 57 yrs old – 15 cars:_x000D_
            62 Belair


              1984 Buick Station Wagon


                Heres my list from my first car to present_x000D_
                1. 1976 monte carlo got this one when i was 15 had for 6 years_x000D_
                2. 1972 monte carlo got this when i graduated had for a year burned motor racing a mustang_x000D_
                3. 1990 deville


                  Ford Escord 1985 brazlian crap_x000D_
                  Nissan Primera


                      Umm, lets see._x000D_
                      93 Honda Civic,_x000D_
                      97 Nissan Altima,_x000D_
                      2000 Kia Sportage,_x000D_
                      1987 Volvo 760 Turbo,_x000D_
                      2002 Nissan Sentra 2.5 SER,_x000D_
                      1993 Ford Mustang LX,_x000D_
                      1982 Ford Mustang,_x000D_
                      1990 For Mustang GT,_x000D_
                      1972 MG MGB,_x000D_
                      1989 Volvo 244DL,_x000D_
                      1989 Dodge D150,_x000D_
                      2000 VW Golf,


                        74 AMC Gremlin
                        81 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
                        88 Acura Legend
                        89 Dodge Caravan
                        90 Honda Accord
                        91 Toyota Camry
                        92 Oldsmobile Ciera
                        94 Jeep Grand Cherokee
                        96 Plymouth Voyager
                        99 Toyota Avalon
                        99 Lexus LS400
                        04 Oldsmobile Alero
                        04 Nissan Quest
                        05 Nissan Xterra
                        07 Toyota Avalon


                          Well being 51 and never rich I have owned my fair share of rubbish.
                          From first to last

                          Hilman Minx
                          Ford Anglia
                          Simca 1500 special
                          Vauxhall Victor FD 1600 with an 1800 magnum sport engine I forced in by beating back the bulkhead a wee bit.
                          850 mini
                          1000cc mini
                          mini Club man
                          850 mini
                          Austin Maxi 1700
                          Subaru pick up
                          Talbot Horizon
                          Chrysler Alpine
                          fiat supermirafiori
                          Ford Fiesta 1100
                          Renault 5 crap heap
                          Talbot Sunbeam 1000cc
                          Volvo 340
                          VW Polo Coupe
                          Ford Orion 1600 injection gia
                          VW Golf 1600 mk 2
                          Volvo 360
                          Ford Escort 1800 turbo Diesel
                          Chrysler Neon LX 2000 cc
                          Nissan Micra
                          Vauxhall Omega 200CD
                          Renault Clio
                          Citroen ZX 1900 Diesel
                          Vauxhall Vectra Estate LS 1800
                          Nissan Micra 9500
                          And finally A Mitsubishi Galant GLX SE 2000cc
                          and 7 motor Bikes


                            Too many but my favorites are,
                            87 Toyota supra – forged top end metal head gasket 50 trim turbo @ 23
                            This thing was so much fun
                            Video is 16 psi iirc

                            Next was a celica gt4 or all trac as they are called in America. I imported it from Japan to Canada. It had a sard kkk turbo 580 cc injectors 20 psi managed by an hks f-con pro. on factory engine. It ran a high 12 1/4.

                            I’ll never forget what it feels like to Launch an awd car at 5000 rpm with 10 psi built up. Neck breaking launch.


                              Yeah I have to agree with the original post. The idea that our favorite cars are the ones we’ve owned or driven. Not just the ones we’ve seen.

                              My first car was actually a pair of Chevy $300 each power wagons. My dad taught me how to drive in them and I learned how to remove engines/and how much work that is when you’re 16.

                              My 2nd car was a 1981 Delta 88. I had to put in a junk yard rear axle, new OE exhaust, brake lines, and junk transmission. All when I was 17 and still didn’t know much about cars. But the interior was in great shape. Or maybe I just had low expectations.

                              3rd car was a 1989 Mercury Tracer. Stick. This is when I learned how to actually drive.

                              4th car 1991 Chevy Lumina z34. This is when I learned how to actually enjoy driving. It took me much much longer to actually enjoy checking the oil.

                              5th car was a 1998 dodge base edition Ram. It had a factory plastic bedliner! meh.

                              6th car was a 2002 Ford Focus. Now we’re talking. Learned to respect cars.

                              My current car is a 2008 Ford Ranger… Plan on letting this one last 250,000 miles or more. Wait that’s a heluvallot of gas to pay for… I miss my Focus. Shouldn’t have sold it to my sister…


                                Triumph Dolomite 1500 HL
                                Vauxhall Cavalier 1600 GLS saloon mark 2
                                Triumph Toledo 1300 4 door
                                Triumph Herald 13/60 saloon
                                Triumph Dolomite 1850 HL
                                Triumph Dolomite sprint
                                Triumph Toledo 1300 4 door
                                Morris Marina 1300
                                Austin Mini 1000
                                Austin Montego 1300
                                Triumph Dolomite 1500 HL
                                Triumph Doloimte 1500 HL
                                Triumph Dolomite Sprint
                                Triumph Spitfire 1500
                                Triumph Herald 1200 saloon
                                Triumph Herald 13/60 saloon
                                Triumph Herald 1200 estate



                                  1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo – Car I learned to drive in.
                                  2000 Acura 3.2TL – DD. 201,100 miles on the clock. (And counting!)


                                    1996 Toyota Camry LE 4cyl slushbox.
                                    2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4WD.

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