Ford 200 six cylinder spark issues

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    Dave BergeronDave Bergeron

      Hello, I’ve got three ford Falcons that I rotate as daily drivers here in seattle. My 61 Ranchero has a 200 and when I first got it was driving fine but I noticed something odd about the ignition wiring. The plug wires did not match the cap/plug numbering. Timing light was useless as it appears the dizzy is in backwards and the timing mark is on the opposite side when # 1 fires. I set the timing with a vacuum gauge and am now wondering why the previous owner would have done this?

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        If it was running and driving fine, it was likely wired up correctly. Technically, it really doesn’t matter where the wires go on the distributor so long as it fires at the correct time. I suspect you either had your timing light hooked up the the wrong lead when you checked the timing. I recommend using a timing light over setting the timing with a vacuum gauge for better accuracy. Additionally, you might also check for timing chain slack.

        Good hunting

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