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Ford Freestar AC compressor question.

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    Hi All, we have a 2004 Ford Freestar (3.9L with rear ac controls) and the ac went out over a year ago. We pulled into a local ac repair shop and asked for help. With the engine off , the ac tech put gauges on it and said there was no Freon in the system (it had not been working for over a year) The tech reached down near the ac compressor (still in the car/all belts and hoses attached) and at first said there wasn’t anything wrong with the compressor. A moment later he said there was, that compressor was bad. The tech said the compressor spins freely and there is no resistance when he spun the pulley with the engine off? He said there is a shaft inside the compressor that probably broke and that is why the compressor would spin without any resistance. I know that if an ac compressor won’t spin at all that it is locked up, and that is bad, but I thought the ac compressor was supposed to spin when not on/under load. The tech said he loaded a pound of Freon in the system and that we had a leak, which he said was probably the compressor. Because he couldn’t easily access the orifice, he couldn’t see if there was any crap or metal pieces in the system. He told us that the best case scenario is 700 bucks for just a new compressor/1400 to 1700 if he has to basically replace everything. We are seniors on a fixed income and don’t have that kind of money. Does this sound right?

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    college man
    college man

    I would go to another shop for a second opinion. Have the shop recharge the system to see if the compressor runs. If the compressor
    does not run and there’s power to it then compressor may be bad or the clutch may have a problem. which sometimes just the clutch
    can be replaced. While the system is under pressure have them leak check it. I have enclosed two videos to help better understand what
    is involved.

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