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    Lee AnnLee Ann

      Hi Guys!
      Just wanted to update you briefly-
      Within the last 2 weeks, I was promoted to Flat Rate Tech at my dealership. I was given 2 of my own bays next to my Senior Master Mentor and very much still LOVE my job, even though I work tons of hours. Our dealership is at the top ranks of our region in sales and service. I am so proud to be a part of this team.

      One of my favorite repairs is valve cover gaskets. I also love brake jobs, tires and alignments. I want to excel at electrical. The key to electrical is KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid…good words to live by. That principal was reinforced Saturday.

      I recently have pulled 2 dashes, which I consider to be almost as big a job as an engine R&R. It was cool because I got to see the framework and how it was all put together. When I was done (heater box R&R), everything worked the way it was suppose to. I have been told half jokingly that I am going to be the water leak and dash job tech…part of me says, “BRING IT ON”

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      Nathan PollarNathan Pollar

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