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    Have a 2004 Honda Odyssey with 219k miles
    Recently replaced the CV axles with aftermarket but had problems with missing splins and fitment. Got the correct ones but heard grinding type noise on the left drivers wheel.

    I kept hearing grinding noise under load while turning left and thought the aftermarket cv axles were the culprit and put the OEM ones(after I replaced the inner boots since they are still in great condition) and still making the same noise.

    This grinding noise seems to happen when the gas pedal is pressed while turning left going slow to 30mph on and off. Happens sometimes going straight but this noise only happens under load. Can turn the same way and no noise if letting her go by herself.

    I’ve rulled out: Inner and outer tie rods, strut mount, shock and spring, LCA, bushing on sway bar link, sway bar links since I’ve replaced all with new parts about 2 months ago. Also replaced all 5 motor mounts.

    Will note that the Power steering pump gave me trouble when it was sitting parked as I waited for the replacement cv axle. It had air in the system and bubbles were coming out of the reservoir, was the low pressure o ring and decided to change both high and low o rings. Problems solved but the fluid was black and smelly so I flushed it out and added oem fluid. I’m telling you guys this because

    I SUSPECT: the rack and pinion, wheel bearings, and worst case the transmission bearings.

    I did take the cv axle off before installing the oem back and spun the wheel bearing by moving the rotor and it spins fine, no noise and seems lubed and no play at 3 and 9 o’clock or 12 to 6 o clock. Checked all brake components and everything is fine.

    Any help and advice on what to do or what it could be would be very much appreciated. At this point I’m open to anything.

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