GS 300 won't turn over please help.

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    Allen Renzi
    Allen Renzi

    so here’s what’s up with my 06′ Lexus GS 300… It’s got 288k and my “locksmith” friend asked if I wanted a spare key made so I said ok and left the car with him in my driveway and went to bed, when I woke up my proximity key didn’t work correctly anymore… It now won’t detect the key inside the vehicle, you have to act as if your fobs battery is dead and touch it to the start button for it to recognize the key and allow it to start… I was driving around like this for about a week when (completely unrelated) I ended up getting a check engine light… From witch I discovered three codes!. One for a bad/dirty cat (p0430 I think)… a code for bad knock sensors (p0325 I think it was) and don’t remember the third, so I figured I’d fix them 1 at a time starting with the knock sensors..  although the car was running fine I wanted the light to shut off so I had the sensors installed… During installation 4 of the 6 fuel injectors broke. I got new ones from O’Riley’s at 398.00$ each… and had those installed as well. Now the car is put back together but won’t turn over. It’s very close but she just won’t fire. We’ve been over it twice now and can’t see anything wrong. It’s like it’s not getting gas or maybe no spark. Or possibly the key fob because of the bad locksmith has it immobilized? We’ve been through all the fuses and they’re good. It’s got gas in it as well I just don’t know… we can’t find the shrader valve to Maybe relieve any air in the fuel lines is that an issue even on newer cars? What do you recommend I do next? Anyone please I’m begging you. Thanks for your time.

    Sincerely Frustrated

    -ALLEN R

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