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Hard to shift into gear when car is warmed up

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    My Nameis
    My Nameis

    1998 Honda Civic 195k miles, original clutch.

    Original issue was that once the car was warmed up I couldn’t get it into 1st gear at all.

    – Master/slave cylinders
    – Transmission fluid

    After replacing those shifting was much better/smoother.

    But again once the car is warmed up/driven longer than 20 minutes there’s still “some” resistance going into gear as compared to when it’s cold. When cold it shifts perfectly.

    Things I’ve noticed:

    – If clutch pedal free play is adjusted to factory specs then it’s extremely hard getting into gear once warmed up. I have to decrease the freeplay a bit to get it to engage better, but leaves very little free play once warmed up (free play seems to decrease once car warms up. Normal?)

    – Sometimes it sounds like the transmission isn’t fully releasing when the clutch is pressed for a lingering second or two.

    Is this a clutch issue being it’s original with 195k miles or something else?

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    Eddie Keyton
    Eddie Keyton

    Did you replace the stock clutch line? What tranny fluid did you use? It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to replace the fluid once more and see if that improves the situation. If not, could very well be a shift pin related issue

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