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    Jeffrey Voight
    Jeffrey Voight

    My church is looking to buy a used high milage van from a dedicated lease company. Good reputation. I have education but little hands on and the church uses my input for van preinspection. I’m not looking for advice on whether to purchase, I just want information on common practice. Upon inspecting this van I found some minor deficiencies but there was also a small oil leak from the head leaking externally. They are removing the head and having it machined before sale. My question is: Isn’t it common practice to do both heads because I would suspect the most common cause for a warped head is overheating problems in the past.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    If I had to take a shot in the dark on this ….
    My guess would be the lease company is doing the minimum amount of work in order to correct the issue.
    Your dealing with a business vehicle and business practices.
    If it were someones personal ride, no doubt they would invest the time and effort to do the job 100% for peace of mind.

    Jeffrey Voight
    Jeffrey Voight

    An update: I am now speaking directly to the mechanic doing the repairs. When they sent the right side head to the machine sho, it was not warped. But they did find that the valves needed attention. So the engine is out of the van and they will machine both heads and do a valve job and still give us the price they requested minus $400 for our inconvenience. Looking like a winning situation.

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