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Headgasket replaced, but now I cannot floor it.

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    Joshua Vitolo
    Joshua Vitolo

    So after replacing the head gasket, oil pump, and water pump. I had an issue when trying to open up my throttle. I have a 2.3l 4cyl automatic. When ever I try and floor it seems to have a major problem at 4000 rpms. When I hit 4k rpm the car seems to jerk, bog/limp and not want to shift properly. After i Let off the gas the car will shift properly if going to proper speed. The only codes that are present is an o2 sensor that isn’t present due to my cat being ripped off by someone. After further investigation, I found it seems to only not want to shift in 2 and 3 gear.
    I am stumped on the actual problem causing the issue. Would you have any idea what it could be based on this information?

    BTW I can drive the car and get on the highway. I’ll be it at the pace of a grandmother.

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