HELP! 1995 Honda Oddessy wont start

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    William Barnhart
    William Barnhart

    Hello, I have a starting problem with my 1995 honda odyssey. It has over 350,000 miles on it and has never gave me problems until now. I tried to start it, it turns over but wont start. I thought maybe it’s out of gas (common for me since I only put $5 in at a time) the gas light was on too. I tried it after getting a little gas. There was no gas smell the first time I tried it, but this time there was. I killed the battery. So i tried my battery backup pack. Figures, it was on red, but tried it anyway, but no start, just turning over. My question is. Can it be lack of enough power & possible flooding? I’m charging the battery pack now (takes 12 frigin hours!). Please reply by tonight so I know what to do if It dont start with my pack being charged, thanks

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