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HELP! 2001 Ford F150 XL (standard cab) 4.2L v6 won't start

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    Johnny BennettJohnny Bennett

      My very first post, glad to be here! Love ETCG videos! I’m pretty darn smart but just a youtube mechanic.

      Here’s the deal with the truck in question:

      I put a brand new battery in it. 12.5 vdc roughly, I think last time I checked last week it was 12.7. Battery is good, I only replaced it because the truck is new to us and the battery was old and it would be needed regardless. The negative battery terminal was replaced and it ran fine. I recently replaced the fuel filter because that was next on the list of general maintenance type stuff on a truck that old to replace just because you should. My first time ever on that type of fuel filter, but, I got the right tool for the job and replaced it and it purred like a kitten upon starting up and stayed that way while running. It was running GREAT and not leaking at all, I promise. Later that day, we tried to start the truck and it wouldn’t start. I tested the battery again and it was just fine. Tested that multiple times (muti-meter) and it has always read just fine. It just wouldn’t start after the first time starting it after replacing the fuel filter, which again, was not leaking. Our buddy, who is pretty darn good apparently, came over and jump started it and it started right up and ran great, ruling out the fuel pump. While running, I put leads on the battery and it read at least 14.5vdc so the alternator, while running, was functioning as it should. I’ve continuity tested all the mini fuses and they’re all fine, replaced the fuel pump relay with a brand new one. What this tells me is that when trying to start on it’s own, there is some kind of power issue and it is likely related to the alternator. I don’t know when it was replaced, but, I’m told it is the last part to have been replaced (which was years ago) before we got it. I just changed the positive battery terminal and not it won’t turn over at all, but that could easily be because I did a bad job at replacing it, I need to sheath the cable back more so it doesn’t get in the terminal. BUT, yeah…everything I’ve found on youtube only shows how to test the alternator/power while the truck is running. Our truck won’t start, therefore I can’t do any of these tests. What can I do?!?!?!?!?! I’m not sure where to go from here aside from cleaning all electrical connections on the alternator itself/related to the alternator and power. Could it be that the alternator just decided to die at a “convenient” time? (remember, the voltage after being jumped on the battery showed that the alternator was putting out enough power to supply vehicle systems) My bro (who knows nothing about troubleshooting) is insistent that there’s a reset button to push after you change the fuel filter (he saw a video about it, I haven’t seen it), but, that doesn’t make sense to me because it ran just fine when jumped. It’s his truck, but since it isn’t running he has to use my car to drop me off at work and then take himself to work and it’s freaking annoying lol PLEASE HELP! I APPRECIATE your time and knowledge!

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      Johnny BennettJohnny Bennett

        Oh and btw, it DID sit in someone’s driveway unused, unstarted, for quite a while…at least a year but I don’t recall how long it sat there. Probably more. When we went to get it, it started right up and ran pretty smooth. We had issues where it wouldn’t start before, and putting more gas in the tank (there was plenty already) would allow it to start and run, for whatever reason, but, it wouldn’t start the second time. Fuel pump works though, because after being jumped it ran just fine for like an hour sitting in park and driving it around the neighborhood.

        Mark DeLucoMark DeLuco

          Assuming you have good ignition spark, Check the fuel pump driver module located on a frame cross member. They go bad a lot from corrosion but can be intermittent before it dies. when it quits it can also blow a 20 Amp fuse.
          Good Luck!

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