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Hesitation/“engine braking” feel (CVT). Fan always on. Motor feels sluggish/weak

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    Michael MMichael M

      2017 Civic EXL. CVT. ~80K miles. Everything stock.

      Hey all, I’m not sure if all the problems I’m having are related or if they’re multiple, separate problems. But after going into limp mode and subsequently getting misfire codes a few months ago, I changed all the plugs (NGK), a coil pack discovered to be taped up, PCV valve, air filter, and the expansion tank cap (also discovered tank nearly empty). Block test and coolant pressure test all passed. Thermostat opened w/boiling water on the stove method.

      Since then, the idle has been more steady, no CEL, coolant has maintained level. But what started as an almost unnoticeable hesitation and “weaker” feeling (my wife initially thought I was crazy and in my head about it) has now grown to an unmistakeable issue. It’s as if the trans is slipping and then engine breaking when letting off the pedal, which I know isn’t really a thing with the CVT but it’s the easiest way to describe it. It’s far more prevalent at low speeds. Someone mentioned injectors to me and, just on a whim, I added Royal Purple Injector cleaner and literally thought it solved my issue for about a week and even my mpg improved about 5-6mpg, but the issue returned.

      There’s also that coolant swish/dump noise when first accelerating as well and I’ve tried bleeding the air out of the system about 59 million times. Coolant level remains steady. Oil wasn’t milky or anything when I changed it a few weeks ago. The cooling fan turns on when starting the car regardless of the AC/fan settings and stays on for a short time after turning the car off (that may be normal, I can’t even remember at this point).

      No CEL. No pending codes. I can’t find a vacuum leak for the life of me. Thought maybe the tranny fluid was low and pulled the check bolt. To my surprise, about half a quart easily poured out. Engine oil has always been properly changed, but I’ve admittedly never changed the trans fluid during the 50K miles I’ve had the car and will be doing that asap.

      Y’all have thoughts? Would old/dirty trans fluid cause the hesitation/weak/engine braking feeling? MAF need to be cleaned (but wouldn’t that throw a code?)? Maybe it IS injectors (but wouldn’t my mpg suffer instead of improve?)?

      I’m not sure what to do at this point besides take it to a shop and I’m so afraid I’ll get totally fleeced. Any help is super appreciated!!

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