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Honda 2016 HR-V Rumbling Noise from Rear

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    Benson Chuong
    Benson Chuong

    Looking to get some suggestions as to what maybe causing a rumbling noise in the rear of my 2016 HR-V with 150,000 km. The noise only occurs between 82-90 km/h and only when you are accelerating. If I let off the gas the noise immediately stops, it will return if you accelerate again, if you exceed 90 km/h the noise also stops. The noise is quite loud and it sounds like a rumble as if you were driving over a washboard road. I’ve already installed new tires, changed the Rear Differential fluid with Honda DP Fluid and replaced the Differential Mount Bushings. I’ve also checked the differential and wheel bearings for noise with a stethoscope.

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