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    Ben Brewer

    Hi, I have a 2012 honda accord 4-cyl engine, automatic transmission with 71K miles. I had 3 of my engine mounts replaced last month. Right after, I have noticed a vibration and low humming noise at around 1500-1600 RPM. It is present when maintaining this RPM and worse when under load. The vibration and noise go away when accelerating past this RPM and when I put my foot off the gas pedal. The issue is not present when going 1500 RPM in neutral and is not speed/gear dependent. At idle the car site a right at or a little below 600 RPM with vibrations. Sometimes while at idle vibrations will stop then surge back. Also, no check engine light is on.

    I went back 1 day after they replaced them to complain but they said engine mounts shouldn’t cause the problem and since there is no code there is nothing they can do.

    Not sure what the issue is, any ideas?

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