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Honda Accord – floor vibrations at idling

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    Silviu SPIRIDON
    Silviu SPIRIDON

    I have a 2007 Accord with 2.0L engine K20Z2. At idling I feel kind of vibrations (or maybe more like some engine misfire) in the floor. It is not very present, you need to “feel it” in the seat or cars floor especially when I stay more than 3-5 minutes with the engine warmed at idling. I can’t feel it constancy, but is very annoying and don’t know what is causing. Maybe you can give me an idea of what/where should I check.
    One mention, is that the needle of the rev doesn’t fluctuate, it stays steady at around 800 rpm at idling.
    What I did until now:
    – I’ve changed the spark plugs (Denso KJ20DR-M11); not solve the issue.
    – I’ve checked the engine and gearbox(5 MT) mountings. All are OK.
    – The coolant looks good, no issues with engine temperature what so ever.
    – The engine oil is changed at every 10000 Km or once a year (0W20) – along with the oil filter and air filter.
    – I don’t have any error in the dashboard or if I hook it to a computer. I’ve suspected the spark coils, but on the scan tool don’t give any error.
    – I checked the vacuums tubes/hoses for cracks or damages, but didn’t find something.
    – Checked PVC valve – works fine.
    – The throttle flap is cleaned.
    What else should I do? Please let me know if you have another idea of what should I do.
    Thank you in advance for answer/answers!
    Kind regards from ROMANIA (East of Europe :)).

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    If everything concerning the engine operation check out good …
    Might try looking for a worn motor or transmission mount.

    James Hosey
    James Hosey

    I was thinking the same thing. Motor or transmission mount.

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