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honda civic vti vtec 1997 idle problems

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    ryan requintina
    ryan requintina

    good day… im having problems with my honda civic , after i brought it the auto shop for tune up, cleaning of iacv etc. it all went well runs smoothly however after a couple of weeks when i start the car in the morning idle shoots up from 1500 rpm to almost 2000 rpm and wouldnt go down even if the car has reached its normal engine operating temperature. I also noticed that when i’m driving as i press the clutch and shifts to neutral when cruising rpm shoots up to 1500 rpm and above and it takes time to go back to normal but after i shifted it goes back to normal at 800 rpm. i brought it back to the shop and it went well but the next morning the same problem goes back..
    tried resetting the comp box by removing the terminal for 5hrs but still the same problems…thanks in advance for your help and i would very much appreciate it …

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