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Honda civic wagon/shuttle 4WD Differential

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    niels eijzenga
    niels eijzenga

    Hello, Ericthecarguy! i recently bought an 1995 civic shuttle Rtsi / 4WD LSD.
    these cars came in europe and japan, and it has a different 4WD than the american versions.
    This is a viscous coupling Limited slip differential operated trough the ABS.
    i have a few questions.
    1: my diff makes a rasping noise when i let off the throttle at 60MPH, its not allot, but should i worry about this?(allready changed the fluid)
    2: my 4WD light comes on on the dashboard and goes away when i press the brake pedal, why is this and is this normal.
    3: this 4WD system is really rare, hard and expensive to obtain.. i did find a manual for it, but you need special tools to get the bearing out and everything(not easy servicable)
    4: the ABS pump makes allot of noise like allot of people are experiencing in the honda NSX and preludes from this year of make…
    so i pulled the fuse on that, car is fully locked into 4WD now….

    i dont want to get rid of the car since its so special, but i cant afford a 1000 euro repair on it…. who can help me with this shit….

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