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    Dao Yang

    Good morning. I have a 2006 Honda CRV SE. A few days ago while driving, I noticed the ABS light and the VSA light and the triangle! light all turn on. We have owned this car for seven years and I have done most of the maintenance. I’ve pulled the codes and I got the following:

    ABS: 15-1, 62-1, and 104-1
    SRS: 92-20

    My first thought is to at least check the right rear ABS sensor because four years ago I had the wheel bearing replaced and the ABS sensor was replaced with aftermarket parts. Would like help in where else to to investigate. Thank you!

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    Dao Yang

    Solved. When I disconnected the right rear abs sensor, I noticed that one of the two wires on the plug was slightly pulled out. I wasn’t entirely sure if I had caused it when I pulled off the connector so I decided to diagnose and checked the sensor for resistance with a multimeter. It was reading something which led me to think the abs sensor may still be functioning… so I pushed the pin back and plugged it back into the harness. I reset the code. And voila no more codes. Drove about 15 miles today and no more lights.

    Also I would have just replaced the sensor IF I could remove it without breaking it. Tried to free it but it’s pretty stuck. I don’t want to deal with pulling the hub either if it did break. This worked out thankfully.


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