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Honda D13B idling issues. (Civic EK2 / City 1.3)

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    Sudhir Damerla
    Sudhir Damerla

    Good afternoon Gentlemen,

    I have a few Idling issues on my City 1.3L(2001) which I believe is the EK2 Civic in America. I have had this car for a few years now and was previously owned by an elderly person who has never abused it. It read 1,50,000KM /94,000Miles on the ODO. The car is reliable and has been my daily drive. But off late I have been noticing that the car has been idling very low and hates the AC being turned on at crawling speeds. The engine also drops idles when headlights and switched on or any other electrical load is applied. Now I have limited technical knowledge when it comes to working on cars. Im more of a two stroke /carburettor motorcycle guy, but Im sure with the right guidance I can solve this problem.


    Car starts at half a crank and idles beautifully till the engine warms up and then stays at 700RPM. Turn the AC and the headlights on and it drops to 600 or sometimes stays at 700. There is also a good deal of vibration at this speed which almost feels like a 3 cyl cabin sound. Disappears when I hold throttle at 800-900RMP. Once on the move car pulls good till about 2000RPM and then takes off like a rocket at about 2k to 2.5k RPM.
    I had the car looked at the Honda Showroom where they changed the mounts and did the mandatory 100,000KM. Also got a bunch of other stuff including the water pump, belts and driveshaft boot etc which cost a whooping 1000$ +.
    But the car comes back with he same problem. So I have decided to figure this out myself and not deal with those dimwits anymore. Now with part exorbitantly high and scarce in India, I don’t want to F this up, but at the same time professional help is not really working.

    After studying a few videos, I have come to the conclusion that my Idle control Valve and the fast Idle valve need a looking into. So today I managed to open up the airbox, disconnected all the sensors and tried to get the throttle body off but it seems to be stuck real hard. A few squirts of WD40 have been applied and I will wait till tomorrow to give it a few light taps. Is there a smarter way to get this off? The FITV and IAC are almost inaccessible otherwise on this model.

    Also any idea where I can get a manual for this engine? Tried high and low but no luck! Have the manual for the bigger engines (1.6 and onward) but the 1.3 seems to be the unicorn!

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    Sudhir Damerla
    Sudhir Damerla

    I have finally got it off! More questions now.
    This model does not seem to have the Fast Idle Valve though. The ICV was carbon black and pretty stuck. Ive taken the electromagnetic motor off and cleaned it. No resistance and everything looks spot on EXCEPT there is a small metal plate on the opposite side of the motor and it seem to have a plastic stopper (To define the limits of the ICV movement). The metal plate also looks adjustable via a longish slot for the screws which hold it in place and this one seems to have been moved. Is there a correct position for this? I can make a little video and post it!

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