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    Erik Larrison

    Hi all, new to the forum but Ericthecarguy fan for years.

    I have a 06 Element 170k miles the occasionally will have a P0302 misfire #2 code that comes on very infrequently and the goes off on its own. I have swapped the spark plugs, coil packs, and fuel injectors but did not fix it. Car runs great. Not sure what else to look for since its so intermittent.


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    Lee Nyberg

    Hello Fellow Honda Element owner! I have a 2005. I’m just learning about auto maintenance so no help from me, sorry. But have you try looking into YouTube? I learn a lot from ETCG & YouTube. Best to ur finding & post back here so I may learn from u.😉

    Dave Tidman

    Since you have done all the swaptronics and the problem didn’t move, it is time to go deeper. Could be either compression, timing, or some sort of wiring issue that is intermittent. If possible, look at the freeze frame data to see if that gives you any clues.

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