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    Martin LegerMartin Leger


      I’m about to loose my 2005 Honda Element because of the Canada trailing arm recall. Basically the Honda dealer try to unbolt the trailing arm from the unibody frame, if it fails, they offer you a buyback but it is not really a reasonable amount for many of the Element owners. It would be a nice topic so that current Element owners make sure they verify those bolts before that recall comes to the US as I’m not sure I would’ve brought my Element to the dealer if I knew it would fail… Also if you have tips and tricks or know if that unibody part of the frame can even be repaired that would be awesome.



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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        Thanks for the suggestion. Several people have mentioned that issue in the comments of the Element videos. I do agree it’s worth mentioning. As for the repair, it depends on what parts are available. Based on my understanding, the floor might need to be replaced. If that’s the case, the cost and labor of the repair is excessive. Probably the reason Honda is buying them back.

        Thank you again for the suggestion.

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