Honda Ex 04 overheating

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    Help!! During a massive thunderstorm I heard a “poof “ sound and my heat gauge went up 1/4 from where it’s been for 15 years. This is a few weeks after a started replacement at s local garage. The car is overheating. I can feel the heat inside the car. I was caught in traffic and it would not start after I turned it off. Opened the hood and wow never felt that hot before.
    I did Eric’s obd blink code with a jumper and got a 61 and a 68.
    Had the radiator cap and thermostat changed. Still hot.
    2 garages told me, oh it’s ok. No problem, not broken.
    I’m an senior female with no male family members and need the car to get to work.
    I’m afraid to go to dealers but I might have to.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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