Honda Fit Ge6 1.3 Stalled.

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    Hi Guys,

    I still facing stalling issue with my Honda. Car will stall whenever at stop sign (happen 3 times), and while going over slope or hump (2 times). Usually it stall when I released my brake pedal and I stepped the accelerator pedal. I have change EGR valve, MAF, Battery, Ignition Coil, Spark Plug, Valve adjustment and Recon Alternator.

    Currently my SHRTFT1 is reading 14.7% and LONGFT1 is 16.4% while idling. While driving, SHRTFT1 is 0% and LONGFT1 range from 3-10%. Suspecting a vacuum leak but the stalling is intermittent.

    Since I got the car till now, it stalled 5 times ever since I did valve adjustment. November Twice, January Once, and April Twice. It disappear for a while after I changed battery. Came back after my battery died of not starting my car for a day.

    Hope someone encounter this before and can share your solution in fixing this. Appreciate your help. Thanks

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