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Honda Front Engine Oil Seals & Timing Belt Clarification

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    Robert Ratcliffe
    Robert Ratcliffe

    Greetings Eric and ETCG Forum!

    While watching Eric’s video on Honda J Series V6 timing belt replacement video – – it was recommended not to replace the front engine oil seals while doing a timing belt & water pump replacement unless those seals are already leaking. However, in Eric’s earlier video titled “1990-2002 Honda F Series Timing Belt Replacement Vmanual” – – which I purchased a copy of 2 years ago when doing TB & WP replacement on my ’01 Accord 4cyl; it seemed to me that replacing the front engine oil seals was recommended as part of the TB & WP replacement job.

    I’m curious as to why this is, for my own clarification. Is there some difference between Honda’s F-series 4cyl engines and J-series V6 engines that accounts for this (apparent to me) difference in recommendation concerning replacing the oil seals. Or, is the latest and greatest general recommendation along the lines of “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” for most if not all engines?

    Thank you so much Eric and ETCG video and forum team – you all have been my auto repair heroes and have taken me from a guy who would only do oil and brake jobs and maybe a power steering pump on a 1980s Jeep; to someone with enough confidence to tackle timing belts on not just my Honda Accords, but on other vehicles like a Hyundai Santa Fe with a 3.5L V6 DOHC engine as well. I immensely appreciate your hard wonderful work!

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