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    I’ve recently purchased an old Honda Legend KB1 170,000miles on it. Upon purchase I had timing belt, water pump and tensioner replaced and all fluid done apart from (ATF,DSP)

    Today I was doing some motorway and town driving, I started to notice a lug between 1-2 3-4. I tried to shift the car into manual mode and was unable to do so.

    I pulled over turned the engine off let the car cool and was able to drive home fine (however trans does not feel as smooth as it did)

    I checked the ATF fluid it’s reddish and if anything it looks to be overfilled looking at the dipstick.

    I really hope the trans isn’t failing and it’s a simple fix. I’m in Central Europe and parts service centres for Legends are not common.

    I will get a trans service, drain and refill not a flush, filter etc.

    But I’m thinking it maybe a solenoid issue as it’s weird that about turning the engine off and on again the issue goes away for some time…

    Can anyone offer any advice… Apart from don’t buy a Auto Honda V6

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    Rahul Jones
    Rahul Jones

    If it has a clean red ATF fluid and still causing these symptoms, there is a chance the transmission might be failing. If there is some mechanic who can check the live datas and see if the transmission is overheating. If that’s okay then replace transmission fluid and filter once to make sure you are putting in the right fluid. Then drive it for a while and see if the problem changes. If not then it could be a transmission problem but get it checked with a transmission specialist.

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