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    Hello, we have a first generation Honda Odyssey (1997) its got around 320k miles on it. So, we inherited this van from someone and saved it from the scrap yard. Pulled both engine and transmission and resealed the engine. It runs extremely well now.

    One of the problems we have been having with it is the torque converter. It makes a washboard effect noise and is equivalent to rpms in the current gear. Its quite loud. The only thing that we did to the transmission when we separated both was put it to the side so we could do the rear main seal. The transmission had not been running Honda fluid for a long long time and was shifting pretty hard, we replaced the fluid and it shifts wayyy better,however, the noise from the torque converter still remains. We are pretty sure it made the noise before we got the van it but we could be wrong.

    The transmission has a lot of miles on it and a replacement is probably going to be soon anyway but my curiosity still has the better of me.
    Was this a common problem? Does anyone know what actually is wrong? We think it might be like a spacing issue that something is just slightly out of spec. But again, if someone is knowledgeable on this that would be fantastic.

    If someone wants me to record what the noise is i can do so.

    Thank you!


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