Honda TPMS

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    l work at a ‘big box store’ shop. We had a 2015…ish Honda CRV come in. Got all new TPMS sensors installed. Had the EZ sensors 33500 schrader put in. Came back with the TPMS light on and the horse shoe (is what i call it) flashing. lt has a TPMS and the ‘horseshoe’ light. We have the bartec something.. it can read DTC. lt had a no com code #40. l was wondering if theres something we didn’t do or are Honda computer system funky with aftermarket stuff? Also, l was wondering if the vehicle thought something was wrong by not detecting the OE sensors. l was thinking maybe its like a computer and need to clear the old ones out, and redo the new ones? Curious about this from a Honda techs point of view thanks!!

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