Honda's VCM system

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    Patrick Dooley

    Dear Eric,

    I enjoyed your experience with Hondas VCM system. I am glad to see that you muffled it.

    I have been working on a 2009 Honda Pilot with 100k miles. It also has the vcm system. Cylinder 5 had a misfire. After removing the head discovered that exhaust valve was burnt through, and the cam knob for the valve was badly scored.

    I pulled some heads from a Honda Ridgeline which does not have vcm.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on an idea that I have been contemplating. I pulled an ecm from the same Ridgeline as well as the vtec contnroller. Do you think it might be possible to swap out the ecm, add the vtec controller, remove the VCM controller, and swap the heads in an effort to convert the Honda Pilot to pure VTEC.

    Thanks for all you do. I have learned so much.



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