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how much Dexcool sludge is too much?

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    John Moore
    John Moore

    Went to go look at a car to buy and I was put off by the residue of Dexcool sludge in the radiator. I stopped the inspection right there, but am I being too quick to condemn? I mean, it’s not caked all over, but I’m imagining how small those passageways are in the heater core and I don’t want to be replacing that. I’m also wondering if this is indicates enough to cause hot spots in the engine block, etc. there’s green coolant in there now. owner says he flushed out all the dex and replace with green when he did the water pump 10k miles ago. Please see picture:

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Sludge build up after a flush and 10k miles ….
    One of two things come to mind:
    1 The owner is either not being truthful.
    2 The system has way more sludge deposits in it that is showing in with the fresh coolant.
    Either case, I would be very cautious about it.
    Might even consider paying a good mechanic to give the vehicle a good inspection if your considering it.

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