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      So there is nothing under the account tab. nothing under the forums tab. The account has three different sections for subscriptions and stuff but no section where you can view your previous posts? Like probably (hopefully) can sort by new after posting this question, find my name and click it. But i cant for the life of me figure out how to do that on my account page.. Tried firefox, chrome, cant see how to view a previous post before….

      I cant even say if i already asked this question and forgot because i cant see any previous posts…

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        clicking on my name in this post yields 3 dots only. Is something broken with your forums? cant upload images so look here for what i mean.

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        Dogger DaveDave

          I am also having major issues with this website. I searched 2009 Accord and 13 pages of posts came up but I can only see the first page. If I try and go to the next page, It says “404 Error”. I tried on my phone and my laptop and got the same results. Please help!

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