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Hyundai Veloster Turbo – whining/grinding noise above 15mph

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    Ferenc Szabo
    Ferenc Szabo

    Ok, I got a 2013 Veloster Turbo 81K on the clock. Auto-6 speed, meaning real automatic. I bought this car used at 35k a couple of years ago. It always had this noise, but nothing to concerned about, coming from the passenger side. I had it diagnosed back then , but it was dismissed as tire noise. Now it’s a different situation. just out of nowhere, last friday it just started to get very loud. And also add a grinding noise, I can feel it through the floor. It doesn’t do it going reverse. I also lifted the car, grabbed the wheel and tried to move it, it’s firm, no play. Brand new brakes all around, new rotors new pads, none of them binding, they were put in and brake fluid bled. I can literally push my car with one hand, it rolls so nicely without anything binding or making noise.
    When driving though, it’s nearly unbearable above 40mph but then it gets quieter and switches to a higher pitch and no grinding. Grinding only happens at low speed and especially when I let off the gas. No leaking from the drive axle either, I grabbed it, pulled it around, nothing, it’s firm and tight.
    So consider these;
    1. No noise while backing up
    2 Noise starts around 15mph.
    3 Noise gets quieter beyond 60mph
    4. No noise by spinning the tire via hand in Neutral.
    5. Grinding gets bad at low speed around 25-40mph, vibrates through the floor
    6. Brand new brakes all around – noised doesn’t change whether I’m braking or not.
    So who can give me a tip?
    What I think:
    Wheel bearing (most likely)
    Drive axle (possible)
    Transmission (possible)
    Any input is appreciated.

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