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Inconsistent brake shudder, 2009 Honda Accord EX

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    Hi Eric, I have a 2009 Honda Accord EX, 4cyl, auto, 289,000 miles and climbing. My commute is 72 miles one way at up to 80 mph. I am having a brake issue in the front. Feels like warped rotors. The car stutters when stopping, but NOT CONSISTENTLY. History: 3/16 rotors and pads-Autozone parts, self install. 135k miles. 9/19 front wheel bearing, 2 wheel studs, driver cv axle, rotors and pads – O’rielly’s parts. 1/20 rotors, pads, calipers. – O’reilly’s parts. I was told by the O’reilly’s guy that my pads and rotors were glazed. Blue heat marks visible. He suggested calipers may be sticking. Hmmm. I went ahead with replacing calipers. Today, same issue. I also completely replaced fluid which helped feel. Pedal feels soft to me now. Pretty sure I got all the air out. This issue is recurring but isn’t consistent. It doesn’t always shudder when stopping. It also isn’t consistent regarding the amount of time driven. Sometimes it shudders first brake application and other times not until the end of the commute. I don’t want to keep feeding parts to this without understanding the cause. My drive is essentially all highway, half of which is in the the zone of high likelyhood of an oh **** stop. Those stops happen often enough despite leaving plenty of space in front of me. Can’t figure out if my driving skill suck or the parts do or the car does. Help please. Thanks, Bruce

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    college man
    college man

    If applying the brakes makes the wheel or brake pedal pulsate or judder, the rotors are warped.

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