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Intermittent white smoke from tailpipe

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    Jason Alex

    I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey EX with 246k miles on it. I’ve got white smoke coming from the tailpipe, but it’s not consistent. It’s intermittent and occurs only when I’ve been idling for a long time, followed with immediately driving around with light acceleration. My observations:

    1. No check engine lights.
    2. Slow coolant loss. New.
    3. Oil loss is the same as before. No changes. No milky oil.
    4. Longer than usual start time, but not excessive.
    5. Wanted to die once when coming to a stop. Hasn’t happened since.
    6. No power loss. Good acceleration. No hesitations other than #5.

    No white smoke with normal to heavy acceleration driving around town. White smoke is only noticed when idling for a long time followed with immediate driving under light acceleration.

    Maintenance has been excellent. Oil changes, spark plugs, timing belt, etc. as directed. I’ve read a lot of articles that automatically say head gasket issue, however the symptoms don’t seem consistent, at least to me. I guess it could be, but could a failed intake gasket cause this? The gasket on the manifold side or the plenum? I’m not familiar with how that system works. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

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