Kicking out of 5th! Vibrations too!

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    So I have an 04 toyota camry manual. I have done everything… first transmission 5th gear went completely out… second transmission 5th gear started kicking out randomly so I thought oh okay here we go. Replaced that transmission. Got it back and it still kicked out of 5th… soooooo took it back explained everything and he said okay let’s do the linkage and all that. So we’ve done the linkage and all mounts. It still has a crazy vibration on startup and still kicks me out… it cant be the transmission. Mechanic says our next step is the iac. Can that really cause this? It doesnt technically have an idle problem. Since we’ve changed everything it idles down a tad bit sometimes. Not all the time. And there seems to be a surge that happens every once in a while. But really that’s it. I plan this weekend to take off the iac and clean it or replace if needed. I’m waiting a ton of money to fix this and its driving me crazy… help…

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