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      ’70 Chevelle 350 2bbl
      -surging on acceleration
      -left front tire wore out on the outside in less than 5000 miles
      Neither the numerous mechanics nor the GM Engineer that looked at it could fix either problem.

      ’90 Taurus
      -stalling and rough idle
      -on long road trips after about 2 hours of driving, a damper inside the dash would close and then no more AC until the car cooled down completely
      Numerous mechanics tried and failed to fix these problems
      -AC compressor failure
      -numerous CV joint replacements
      all w/ less than 70,000 miles

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        The worst car I’ve ever been in was my parent’s 98 Chevy Blazer. Literally everything on that broke multiple times. No matter how many times it was taken to a shop nothing on it could be fixed for more than a few months. My “favorite” time in that thing was having the fuel pump die at the gas station in 100+ weather. But my mom loved it for reasons that science has not been able to explain. She kept it until about a year ago and sold it for about $1500. I feel sorry for whoever bought it.


          Nissan Juke is probably the most horrid monstrosity on 4 wheels I can imagine. Honestly, that thing is as ugly as maggot-covered roadkill.

          Dishonorable mentions – Honda Element and Nissan Cube. They both remind me of an out-house on wheels. They are just very goofy looking.

          [quote=”Commodore665″ post=159133] But for me most Toyota’s are my least favorite , yes good cars , but they a like a plain sponge cake .[/quote]
          I have a 95 Corolla. Light blue.
          Toyota is very basic transportation. Especially my 95, it has NO style. I would not call it “ugly” but Toyota in general is the “Plain Jane” of the car world.

          Also, please do not insult crocs. It is well known that wearing crocs is the only form of birth control that is 100%


            [quote=”Summer_Night” post=160022]Nissan Juke is probably the most horrid monstrosity on 4 wheels I can imagine. Honestly, that thing is as ugly as maggot-covered roadkill.[/quote]

            That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? Compared to a Pontiac Aztek, the Juke is downright beautiful.

            Sue Anne ReyesSue Anne Reyes


              Jose Mari GamboaJose Mari Gamboa

                [quote=”sueannereyes” post=160091]Honda[/quote]

                I AGREE

                Thomas FerryThomas Ferry

                  I have a few myself. Nissan Juke. They are ugly as hell along with the Scion xB. I didn’t mind the aztek all that much but by far my least favourite car now is the KL body Jeep Cherokee’s. I hate the look of those things. It looks like someone put a lift kit on a damn minivan. Jeeps are known for their pedestrian boxy look. Not this crap.

                  James AbramsJames Abrams

                    1986 Mercedes W124 300E in Bronze.
                    I do respect that they were built like a tank and had a great reputation in terms of service life but they were heavy, not that powerful and everything was just kind of vague as the driving experience goes. The interiors weren’t that nice with wood veneer and brown vinyl everywhere. I could have enjoyed it if it was W126 300SE a big land boat for cruising but it was mid sized with no sense of occasion.

                    On the plus side they were quiet and pretty comfortable but with what you expected for the price tag here in Australia, $80,000 back in 1986 less on road costs, it was pretty dissapointing.

                    Keith CastleKeith Castle

                      In our family, it’s a tie between two fords:

                      ’85 Ford Tempo. How has nobody mentioned this little gem yet? Ate map sensors like skittles. Junk transmissions (ours was a case failure). An unbelievable amount of chassis flex, you could feel the doors shifting around in their sills while driving. Creaked like it had a mast instead of an engine. Engine was the 2.3L HSC. Basically a 200-I6 with cyls 3&4 cut out the middle and a different head. Both engine and throttle-body injection were uniqe to the car, along with loads of other parts, so trips to the parts house were…interesting. “The 2.3L. No, the other 2.3L. No, the OTHER other 2.3L.” Also a victim of Ford’s early forays into “non-serviceable” and “lifetime” parts. Warped rotors? Good news, you get new bearings too! Why? They’re both permanently affixed to the new steering knuckles you get too…

                      ’02 Taurus wagon. Ohio winters were not kind, and now that it’s in TX, nobody will touch it. Things that should take minutes or hours take days or weeks. Bad sensors. Siezed brakes. Compressor clutch failed, sheared the input shaft, and wedged the pully against the frame rail taking out the entire accessory drive and making driveway repair impossible. All that aside, the thing is impossible to drive well. The only way to drive with any level of competence is to approach it like a u-haul. Do everything slowly and deliberately, while accounting for massive blind spots. It’s car-shaped, but bad at doing car…things. Like turning. And stopping. The goofy body shape makes such a bad joke of the cargo area and loading it’s almost insulting. I drive a ’91 Camry wagon that’s fairly comparable. High-trim, v6, auto, power everything. I think it says a lot that a car that’s 10 yrs older with twice the mileage shows less wear, is more reliable, and is largely a better car in every way than this POS is.

                      Jason WhiteJason White

                        For me, it’s the base model cars, especially the lower trim levels of those base models. They usually are really only built because they needed to get their CAFE numbers down, and to offer something so they don’t go to the competition. You can tell what little engineering that actually went into the car was focused on making the vehicle cheap, and they cut corners wherever they can, and don’t even bother rounding off the edges when they are done. They are terrible drivers, no power, they don’t handle well, they don’t have a good ride, they hardly feel secure. They have issues that have otherwise been resolved in any other car over a decade ago.

                        I hear a lot of hate on the Juke, and while I agree it looks like it was designed by some anime freak it’s actually a very good driving vehicle. I wouldn’t mind having one, but I’d have dark tinted windows so nobody would see me in it.


                          Hyundai and Kia. Bad automatic transmissions, I hate driving them if I must. Horrendously ugly styling cues over the last few years as well. Plus the fact that everyone says that they’re up and coming, just makes me dislike them even more.

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