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    Thomas Weybrew

    I am not a professional…I am a DIY senior. I want to convert my ’99 Lincoln Continental from the OEM halogens to LEDs. I previously converted my ’05 Ford van by swapping out the flasher control relay and all LEDs worked perfectly. Since the Lincoln flasher unit is buried under the dash, I am trying to make the conversion using LED load resistors on all lines for the turn signals wires, but, even with resistors installed, I am getting hyper-flash. At first the blinkers worked until the parking lights/headlignts were turned on. Then they went to hyper-flash. I have tried using double resistors, using 6 Ohm and then 8 Ohm resistors, and even adding a resistor diode to the non-flashing wire to my turn signals. I also tried a plug-and-play ready made wiring connector that used a resistor on both the non-blinking and blinking wires. All of these attempts have failed. In fact, now I even have hyper-flash when the parking lights/headlights are not on!

    I finally bit the bullet and dismantled the dash and retrieved the flasher relay but I have not been able to find an electronic replacement. So, can anyone diagnose my problem and how best to correct it? Help, please.

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